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PaperCut NG 23.0.8 (Build 69295)
Posted on 30 April 2024 07:34 PM
Print Provider version
Print Deploy server version 1.8.2598


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent users that have multiple email addresses from syncing. [PO-2144]
  • Web Print: Fixed an issue where the color scheme was not loading in the Web Print user interface. [PO-1974]
  • Fixed the UI text layout in PaperCut NG/MF Admin Portal > Options > Advanced tab - Security section, to better match the input field order. [PO-1977]
  • Logging: Changed a log ERROR message to WARN in Email to Print as we now better support network connection issues. [PO-2004]
  • Payment Gateway: Fixed an issue where Payment Gateway postback fails. [PO-1879]
  • Added the ability to delete Google Cloud Directory (GCD) certificate from the administrator UI User/Group Sync page when Google Cloud Directory is the sync source. [PO-2142]
  • Fixed an in product documentation link for configuring Single Sign on with Google. [PO-1943]
  • Widows Active Directory: Fixed user card PINs being omitted from group user imports. [PO-2188]
  • Windows Direct Print Monitor: Fixed an issue that caused Print Deploy to overwrite manually configured settings in print-provider.conf, for example debug=on/off. [PIE-689]
  • Windows Print Provider: Fixed an issue where the Print Provider in rare cases would crash during startup. [PIE-698]
  • macOS Print Provider: Fixed an issue that the Print Provider and Direct Print Monitor running on macOS Sonoma 14.4 could not track print jobs on newly added printers. [PIE-720], [PIE-722]
  • Use new code signing certificate for all Print Provider executables [PIE-713]
  • Print Provider: macOS 10.15 Mojave and earlier are no longer supported. macOS 11 Big Sur or later is required to run. [PIE-654]
  • PDL transform: Fixed an issue that caused stapling to fail on Xerox printers when using non-envelope paper sizes. [PIE-636]
  • CUPS: Fixed an issue that caused print jobs to be logged as successful when printers did not respond for 10 minutes. [PIE-628]
  • CUPS: Fixed an issue where a printer called PaperCut was incorrectly listed under available printers to install. [PIE-702]
  • Print analysis: Fixed an issue on large format Canon printers that caused the wrong page size dimensions to be detected. [PIE-638]
  • Print analysis: Fixed an issue that caused grayscale printing to be detected as color when using Fujifilm PostScript printer drivers. [PIE-650]
  • Hardware Page Count on macOS: Fixed an issue that caused Hardware Page Count to fail when HTTPS is enabled. [PIE-655]
  • Hardware Page Count: Added support for printers Kyocera ECOSYS P3055dn, P3051dn, and P5026. [PIE-683]

Web Print and Email to Print:

  • Web Print, Email to Print, when using SHARP MX-4070N PCL6 or SHARP MX-4070N PS drivers. Fixed an issue that caused 11x17 inch page size documents to be printed as A4 or Letter size. [PIE-651]
  • Web Print, Email to Print: Updated a dependent library that improves security. [PIE-559]
  • Web Print, Email to Print: Fixed an issue that in some cases would cause Letter and 11x17 inch documents to be printed in A4 instead. [PIE-662]
  • Web Print (Windows): Fixed an issue that caused PDF documents to fail to print when the Web Print service is run as a Group Managed Service Account. [PIE-643]


  • Enhanced the UI for the user and admin login screens to optimize the SSO sign-in experience when enabled. [PO-1965]
  • Various 3rd party dependency upgrades. [PO-2170][PO-2168][PO-2166][PO-2130][PO-1886]
  • Various security enhancements to improve the overall security of the product.

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