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PaperCut NG 22.0.9 (Build 65768)
Posted on 08 March 2023 09:47 AM

Print Provider version
Print Deploy server version 1.7.2253


  • Improved workflow of internal user self-registration by ensuring that the end user can see their own PIN in an email delivered to them if they could not or did not choose their own PIN. If the admin does not allow self selection of PINs for self registration, they must enforce 2 rules: 1) the user must enter an email address; and 2) email confirmation must be sent. For new installations only, tick box “Also email confirmation message to user” is now by default ticked. Admin creation of new internal users is not affected. PO-1122, PO-1210
  • Dependency: Various minor dependency upgrades. PO-1096
  • Updated links to the user manual to point to the online user manual hosted on the PaperCut website. PO-989
  • Added Primary and Secondary card ID import options, including regex, to Microsoft Azure AD user sync configuration. PO-405
  • Added customizable import of username aliases from Microsoft Azure AD. PO-550


  • Security improvements to address an issue identified as ZDI-CAN-18987 in the NG/MF Application Server and Site Server (see Security Bulletin). PO-1216
  • Security improvements to address an issue identified as ZDI-CAN-19226 in the NG/MF Application Server (see Security Bulletin). PO-1219
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the admin from using long URLs in the custom links section of the user web page. PO-1080
  • Fixed an issue that caused some actions and requests involving sub accounts (including importing sub-accounts) to fail. PO-1205
  • Improved application server health check performance. PO-1116
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error to be displayed in the UI when selecting audit logs with a large number of users. PO-1073
  • Minor security improvement. PO-1062
  • Removed some redundant libraries. PO-861
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Azure AD ID/card numbers not to be imported when ‘import users from selected groups’ is selected. PO-971
  • Fixed an issue seen in PaperCut NG/MF 22.0.8 that prevented the Print Deploy Server service from starting properly after a brand new installation, causing a AdminAPIAuth: error: authorization key provided for this request is invalid error in the Print Deploy Server log file. PD-1583
  • [Unreleased feature not impacting General Availability installs] Fixed an issue on Print Provider for CUPS with persisted held jobs to ensure that held job processes exit properly when service is shutdown. Refer to this known issue for more information. PIE-69
  • Fixed an issue where some Epson and Canon printers (e.g. Canon IJ, Garo, UFR) were not being monitored by PaperCut. PIE-195
  • Fixed an issue that caused slow Web Print printing for PDF documents processed by recent Acrobat Reader versions. PIE-208
  • Fixed an issue that caused conversion to grayscale on Canon UFR to produce blank pages. PIE-210
  • Fixed an issue where grayscale conversion did not work on FujiFilm PCL6 drivers. PIE-214
  • [Linux] - Fixed an issue that caused thumbnail image generation to fail for archived PostScript spool files. PIE-216
  • When “Block the release of jobs when this device is in error” is enabled and NoPaper has been selected as an error to block on, print jobs will no longer by default be blocked when any tray is empty. PIE-219
  • Fixed an issue where the Mac/Linux Print Provider would not always wait for the Application Server to start up, which could lead to the Print Provider briefly switching into an Application Server connection failure mode. PIE-226