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PaperCut MF 22.0.8 (Build 65190)
Posted on 10 January 2023 04:53 PM


  • Added functionality to force expiry of print jobs that have been removed from the print spooler. New config key “release-station.forced-job-expiry-min” to set expiry time. If not explicitly set, will default to maximum hold time (same as previous behaviour). PO-1032
  • Improve the App Server error message if the Print Provider is newer than the App Server. PC-18820
  • Added an admin configuration option, “ldap.schema.user-search-ignored-error-codes”, which can be set to ignore any error codes that are returned while synchronising users from LDAP. PO-1054
  • Upgraded to Java PO-1015
  • Enhanced the long running tasks pop-up window to resize content based on window dimensions. PO-1014
  • Improved setup experience when setting up Email to Print with IMAP OAuth for Office 365. PO-1012
  • Minor improvements to Mobile web UI layout. PO-981
  • Asynchronous client/server requests are now enabled (server property “server.enable-async-requests” = true) by default for new installs and for upgrades where the server property is not explicitly set. PO-960
  • Improved handling of access token expiry in Email to Print. PO-944
  • Updated various libraries to latest version. PO-928 PO-927 PO-912 PO-743 PO-741
  • Removed all Kotlin dependencies (performance improvement). PO-984
  • Installer now removes previously deprecated legacy MacOS version desktop client package (occasionally flagged by security scans) on upgrade. PO-836
  • Minor improvements to Accessible end user UI. PO-827
  • Removed deprecated Google Cloud Print functionality. PO-832
  • Made some minor performance improvements to DB transaction code. PO-776
  • Made some improvements to server logging performance. PO-760
  • Added an option to ignore Disabled users during user sync from Azure AD. PO-645
  • Added support for Realex 3D Secure payment. PO-543
  • Reduced frequency of “long lived DB connection” logging checks. PO-98


  • Fixed an issue that could cause transactions via the Paypal payment gateway to be cancelled at end of transaction. PO-1058
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users with admin privileges from uploading files to WebPrint. PO-1045
  • Fixed a minor typo in the Moneris payment gateway configuration file. PO-1025
  • Changed company name in copyright notices to not end in a period i.e. PaperCut Software Pty Ltd. PO-1008
  • Improved legacy certificate cipher support. PO-975
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong language to be displayed in the footer area of the web UI. PO-959
  • Fixed an issue that caused the title of the “Add Custom Navigation Link” dialog to be displayed incorrectly. PO-962
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an internal user to be blocked from logging in to PaperCut after changing password via API or server command. PO-953
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Print Jobs table in the UI from being refreshed after the date filter was cleared. PO-929
  • Fixed an issue that prevented download of diagnostic bundle on MacOS and Linux. PO-920
  • Fixed an issue that caused card self-association to fail when the “ext-device.self-association-allowed-card-regex” config key was set to DEFAULT. PO-913
  • Fixed an issue that caused Scan to email with Interactive Destination Mode enabled not to work properly if the email contained an Apostrophe character. PO-904
  • Fixed a bug in the Accessible end-user UI that caused the wrong language to be displayed when the host OS language differed from the PaperCut MF default language. PO-800
  • Fixed an issue that could cause user sync from Azure AD to fail if “import users from selected groups” was selected. PO-971
  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong notification email to be sent when importing batches of users via server command. PO-168
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Default file type value to not be displayed correctly in Scan Actions Details page. PO-922
  • Fixed an issue that could cause users to lose association with groups following a user sync failure. PO-648
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an MFD to show “Unexpected error communicating with the server An unexpected network error occurred” message when scanning or copying in a PaperCut High Availability environment. PC-18767
  • Improved the logging of directory creation failures. PC-18715
  • Newer versions of Print Provider can now communicate with older versions of the Application Server. PC-18655
  • Added the ability to use extra SNMP data to better support the No Paper error condition in the Device In Error feature on devices that support it. PIE-9
  • Added the ability for hold/release jobs on Mac and Linux CUPS Print Servers to be held over server reboot. PIE-40
  • Windows, PaperCut Global PostScript printer driver used for Riso printers: Fixed an issue that caused documents with titles containing special characters such as emojis to fail to print. PIE-5
  • Windows, Xerox printers: Fixed an issue where printing to paper size Envelope 10 using the PaperCut Global PostScript printer driver didn’t auto tray select. PIE-48
  • Windows (Since version 22.0.1): Fixed an issue where held print jobs would fail to be held over restarts of the Print Provider service. PIE-52
  • macOS and Linux: Fixed an issue that caused the copy count on print jobs to be squared when in raw printing mode. PC-18730
  • Xerox Enhanced PDL transform to automatically feed paper from the bypass tray when printing to a Xerox device with envelope-size paper specified. PO-48

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Sharp: Fixed an issue where user log out immediately after card swipe login on Sharp CR5 Atlas and Titan models under PaperCut MF. CDSS-1680
  • Sharp: Added support for MX43x devices. CDSS-1876
  • Konica-Minolta i-Option: Fixed an issue where language selection gets overridden if a user swipes their card while another user is still logged in under MF. CDSS-1645
  • Konica-Minolta Fixed an issue on Konica Minolta devices that could cause password logins to occasionally fail. PC-18753
  • Ricoh SmartSDK Updated the configuration in the Ricoh ROC tool to disable native copy limit warnings when zero stop occurs. CDSS-1672
  • Fuji Business Fixed an issue that caused the configuration of custom services to be applied at a global level instead of device level on Fuji Business and Fuji Xerox devices. CDSS-1619