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PaperCut MF 22.0.3 (Build 63406)
Posted on 10 August 2022 02:19 PM


  • Enhancements to Batch Internal User email notifications. PO-273
  • Improved performance of the Device Details page for installations with large queue numbers. PO-762
  • Upgraded the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to version 11.0.15. PO-880
  • App Server: Added OAuth2 over IMAP authentication method for Gmail in Email Printing. Users will be able to use OAuth2 to authenticate their Gmail address to continue to use Email Printing after Google deprecates basic authentications. PO-660
  • Updated Google OAuth client libs to latest versions. PO-928
  • Integrated Scanning: Added new wording about compression on PaperCut MF admin console > “Devices” > “Scan Actions” tab > edit or create a scan action > scroll down to “Output settings” section > “Enable compression” checkbox. When this box is checked, some tips about compression will appear on the left-hand side. SC-1238


  • Updated Google OAuth client libs to latest versions. PO-928
  • App Server: Fixed custom logo size and position in the Accessible Web Interface. PO-822
  • App Server: Fixed an issue where several user UI options became hidden in the Options > General page. PO-828
  • App Server: Removed Google Cloud Print section from the Enable Printing > Mobile & BYOD section as Google has deprecated the service. PO-867
  • App Server: Fixed external license updates (including the server command executable) to notify PaperCut Grows of any license changes. PO-882
  • App Server: Added Help page to the left side menu bar, giving the admin the most relevant information to seek support. The Help section can be accessed below “About”. PO-903
  • App Server: Fixed a JavaScript dependency vulnerability problem that may be exploited. PO-885
  • App Server: Fixed an issue where the locale override option was missing from default device configurations. PO-895
  • App Server: Removed incorrect logging of apparent errors related to the “Azure AD” user source on a clean install. PO-898
  • Print Provider: Fixed an issue that may prevent monitoring of Print Deploy deployed Windows print queues with long print names. PC-18740
  • Print Provider: Fixed an issue that caused PDL transforms to not get applied when redirected from a queue using PaperCut Global PostScript driver to a destination queue using HP Universal PostScript driver. PC-18741
  • Print Provider: Fixed a rare issue that may cause an incorrect page count when printing a document that contains images using PaperCut Global PostScript driver. PC-18870
  • Print Provider: Canon Oce PlotWave 360 PostScript printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused the document size to be used incorrectly as the paper size if the document size is larger than the output paper size. PC-18737
  • Print Provider: RISO PostScript printer driver: Fixed an issue that may cause an incorrect page size to be reported when output paper size is set to auto. PC-18797
  • Print Provider: Konica Minolta printer drivers: Fixed an issue that caused print job grayscale conversion to fail when the color mode is set to 2-color. PC-18853
  • Print Provider (CUPS): Fixed an issue that caused cross-server printing (print from a print queue on one server and release it from a queue on a different server) to fail. PC-18859
  • Print Provider (CUPS): Fixed a rare issue that may cause print redirection to fail if print job attribute modification (for example, watermarking, grayscale conversion) is enabled. PC-18789
  • Print Provider (CUPS): Fixed an issue that caused newly added printers to not get registered with PaperCut when automatic registering is enabled using EnablePrinterAutoImport configuration key. PC-18788
  • Print Provider (iPrint): Fixed an issue that caused printer redirection and hardware page count to fail when using iPrint version 4.2 and above. PC-18745
  • Integrated Scanning: Prior to 22.0.3, scan actions that have any document processing feature (OCR, deskew, despeckle, blank page removal, batch splitting) deliver the scan file as PDF/A, even when the PDF/A checkbox isn’t selected in the scan action editor admin console. In order to preserve the PDF/A output, after updating to version 22.0.3, existing scan actions from previous PaperCut MF versions that have any of the aforementioned doc proc features will now have the PDF/A box ticked. If admin unticks it, the checkbox will now function and deliver the job as PDF instead of PDF/A. SC-1194
  • Integrated Scanning: Fixed an issue where scan file size is incorrectly calculated after going through document processing. SC-1185
  • Scan to fax: Scan to eGoldFax: Values in the “Recipient name” and “Company name” fields input by the end-user on the MFD are now output in the API call to the eGoldFax server. SC-1231

Copier / Device Integration:

  • HP OXP: Fixed an issue where HP OXP printers would not report copy jobs. CDSS-1472
  • Konica Minolta: Fixed a race condition on Konica Minolta devices where password logins would occasionally fail. PC-18753
  • Kyocera v3.2.2*:
    • Fixed an issue where eligible models (Metric models) that should be able to scan mixed sized media, would lose this feature after the device restarts. This information is now stored on the device hard drive and will be applied after a device restart. PO-628
    • Added a config key “” to determine whether the Account Selection screen is displayed in one or two columns. A single column prevents data from being truncated. CDSS-61
    • Device logout timeout now resets on screen touches and key pad presses. Timeout is not reset by on screen keyboard key strokes. On newer devices using the WebKit browser, a two minute timeout is enacted while the on screen keyboard is raised so that users are not logged out while typing. On older devices using the NetFront browser, the timeout is effectively disabled while the on screen keyboard is raised. Regular timeout is reinstated when the on screen keyboard is lowered. CDSS-1183
    • Changed “Log to disk” to be disabled by default to minimize potential performance problems. CDSS-1538
    • Added config keys “ext-device.print-as-grayscale-by-default” and “ext-device.print-as-duplex-by-default” that determine the initial state of Change Print Settings options. CDSS-1541
  • Toshiba V3+: Fixed an issue that caused large PDF scan jobs to sometimes time out on Toshiba V3+ devices. CDSS-1179

Other notes:

  • This version contains a database upgrade.
  • Integrated Scanning: Removed the orange “Percolator Beta” tag from the PaperCut MF admin console under “Devices” > “Scan Actions” tab > edit or create a scan-to-email scan action > “Interactive Destination Mode” white box on the right-hand side. SC-1257

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