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PaperCut MF 22.0.1 (Build 62695)
Posted on 29 June 2022 09:47 AM

New Features:

  • PaperCut Grows integration for PaperCut MF: The PaperCut Grows program enables organizations to become Forest Positive. If it’s included in an MF license, a link to PaperCut Grows is displayed in the Environmental Impact widget in the PaperCut MF admin console. PaperCut Grows uses aggregated print activity data provided by the Application Server. PC-18719


  • Email to Print - OAuth email server authentication for MS cloud email is now available. PO-792
  • Print Provider - Improved the start-up time of the Print Provider on Windows. PO-649
  • PaperCut Global PostScript print driver - Added ARM support and two new paper sizes (Envelope 10 and Envelope Com10). PO-422
  • A banner now displays to alert customers of upcoming and expired Maintenance & Support. PO-670
  • The character limit for the ‘Confirmation message’ field for the ‘Internal User Options’ configuration has been increased to 1000 characters. PO-676
  • Added server.cookies.session.same-site config key to set same-site and secure attributes for browser cookies. Setting this to “none” will add the attributes. Note that this must only be enabled if all communications are HTTPS. PO-344
  • Improved the Application Server’s performance when Debug is enabled. PO-516
  • Interactive Scan Actions: Now works on Site Servers! Includes support for Cloud Provider Plugins such as PaperCut’s Copyright Compliance Automation plugin. PO-753
  • Added Advanced compression to Scan Actions. PO-413
    • For the PDF output file type, we’ve added the ability to compress the scanned documents.
    • There are three levels of compression available:
      • High compression - small file size
      • Medium compression - balanced quality / file size
      • Low compression - large file size
    • Please note that scan actions that have any document processing features (OCR, deskew, despeckle, blank page removal, batch splitting) will continue to output PDF/A file format, as in PaperCut MF version 21.x. See known issue PO-536 for more information.


  • Fixed a minor formatting issue on the Admin Rights page, next to the ‘Access device and site sections’ checkbox. PO-723
  • Fixed an issue that caused printing to break when there was a macOS update or other Print Provider restart. The CUPS Sandboxing is now set to relaxed for PaperCut. PO-681
  • Enhanced the Azure Active Directory security in MF/NG. PO-668
  • Fixed a bug in the Web Services API method batchImportInternalUsers. Now, if not explicitly set, when calling this method the default is for new users to NOT be notified by email. PO-7
  • Fixed an issue that caused the cost multiplier of the selected account to not be applied when copying at embedded devices. PC-18705
  • Fixed a problem when setting up High Availability in a protected network that caused the connection to fail when the Application Server tried to connect to the MFD after the device was registered. PC-18696
  • Fixed a bug where Internal Users could not be renamed without also resetting their credentials. PO-510
  • The Environmental Dashboard now honours SSO logins, so after users log in with SSO credentials they don’t need to re-authenticate to access this dashboard. PO-531
  • Fixed an issue that caused yearly reports that were scheduled through the scheduled-reports.yearly-date config key to return data for 1 year + 1 day instead of the expected 1 exact year. Reports now return data for the exact 1 year period from the specified date value. PO-394
  • Device/Printer Names: Fixed an issue when renaming devices/printers that didn’t allow hashes to be used. Added tests for illegal characters when creating a device/printer name. PO-685
  • User Low Balance Notification: Fixed an issue where only positive LBN values were checked. PO-512
  • PaperCut Global PostScript print driver: Added two new paper sizes (Envelope 10 and Envelope Com10). PO-415
  • Print Provider: Canon Generic Plus PCL6 printer driver: Fixed an issue where the page size could not be recognized and was always detected as A4 when using some device profiles PC-18704
  • User Source - Azure AD: Renamed “Client Secret” to “Client Secret Value” to prevent ambiguity. PO-696
  • Login: Fixed the SSO login page to have the “or” option translatable. PO-647

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Canon MEAP Gen3+*:
    • Fixed an issue where users with no balance could still print if the job cost had over three decimal places. PO-520
    • Improved scan zero stop functionality on newer devices. PO-344
  • Konica-Minolta i-Option: Fixed an issue where the language selection of the previous user could overwrite the native locale of the device. PO-291
  • Ricoh (SmartSDK):
    • Scan to Fax is now available for Ricoh SmartSDK devices. PC-18708
    • Data is now written to HDD instead of NAND storage to increase the lifespan of NAND storage and satisfy certification requirements. PO-745
  • Ricoh v3.1.0*:
    • Added support for Fax and Cloud in the Quick Scan Actions list. PC-18614
    • Scan jobs can now be uploaded from the MFD to the Application Server in the background. The new config key is PO-468
    • Added an option in the Ricoh ROC tool to allow the PaperCut icon to be added to the Ricoh home screen. PO-746
  • Kyocera v3.2.1*:
    • Fixed an issue that caused scan jobs on Kyocera devices to fail when connecting to PaperCut using IPv6 addresses. PC-18710
    • Added support for Integrated Scanning on small screen (4.3”) devices. PO-597
  • HP OXP: Fixed an issue that could cause all pages of a mixed size scan job to be output as the largest page size. PO-686
  • Xerox: Added support for Gen 3 browsers on Xerox 81xx devices. PO-563

Other notes:

  • Removed the RBS prefix from Worldpay name in payment gateway configurations and templates in the App Server. PO-566
  • If you are running v21.2.8 or older, there is a database upgrade.