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PaperCut MF 20.1.3 (Build 56199)
Posted on 23 February 2021 11:01 AM


User Web Interface:

  • Added to the “Change Details” description that card/ID numbers can contain numbers, text and symbols. PC-18068


  • Improved the performance of “Sign in with Google” to Mobility Print (especially when synchronizing users from many domains). PC-17815
  • Added sendStringParametersAsUnicode=false to the template SQL Server database URL (to ensure that queries use indexes and run fast) PC-17810
  • Added a housekeeping job to delete obsolete font files from the temp folder on startup. PC-17795
  • Enabled a clean shutdown when stopping the PaperCut service on Linux. PC-18090
  • Linux with pdftocairo:
    • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect color page number and page size PC-18055
  • Ricoh PCL6 printer driver:
    • Fixed an issue that a grayscale image might be treated as color when printing via Mobility Print PC-17826

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Konica-Minolta: Fixed a rare exception that could occur when attempting to complete an interrupted integrated scan job. PC-18081
  • Fuji Xerox: Added the ability to copy 3 troubleshooting keys required to force an install of PaperCut on the device. PC-17595
  • Toshiba: Fixed an issue on Toshiba devices with 3rd party applications alongside PaperCut requiring separate login instead of automatically being logged in when user logs in via PaperCut. PC-18059
  • Ricoh:
  • Fixed an issue occasionally causing Ricoh app crash on a device with OutOfMemoryError PC-17690
  • Fixed an issue where during an integrated scan job, if the device’s page limit was reached the user could elect to continue scanning more pages which would cause the PaperCut MF embedded application to crash. The option to continue scanning more pages in this case how now been removed. PC-17618
  • Kyocera: Fixed an issue that prevents the embedded Kyocera app from crashing in certain circumstances. PC-17765

Other notes:

  • If you are running v20.0.4 or older, there is a database upgrade.

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