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PaperCut MF 20.0.3 (Build 55021)
Posted on 19 August 2020 03:46 PM


  • Data integration CSV exports will now obey the reports.csv-charset setting for character encoding. PC-17498
  • Updated the default value for print-provider.throttle-thread-db-ratio to 3. This will not affect existing installations that have manually set the value. PC-17495
  • Improved the handling of GSuite groups in multiple domain environments. PC-17358
  • Added capability to split large scan files into smaller chunks for emailing. PC-17521
  • Added new get and set properties in Server-Command to modify User Defined Persistent Properties outside of print and device scripts PC-9423
  • Improved the process to unregister PaperCut from a Konica Minolta device when the device encounters error during registration. All installed apps on the the device will also be removed. PC-17027
  • Added the ability to "Sign in with Google" to the mobile release page. PC-17361
  • Added the ability to customize PaperCut application icons for HP OXP device. PC-17431
  • Add a new config key to limit the number of print jobs to display on HP OXP device platform PC-17216"
  • Added two new config keys 'ext-device.print-as-grayscale-by-default' and 'ext-device.print-as-duplex-by-default' for Konica Minolta to have 'print as grayscale' and 'print as 2-sided' selected by default on the print release screen. PC-17197
  • Added support for the Data Integration Platform to load any .properties integration configuration file. PC-17461
  • Added a configuration switch to block secure connections to email servers which present untrusted (e.g. self-signed) certificates PC-14424
  • Added support for the Paytec EFTPOS terminal. PC-17479


  • Fixed an issue where High Availability was preventing Application Server startup when connected to a MySQL Linux database server. PC-17525
  • Fixed an issue with Integrated Scanning where if the document size was expanded after document processing and exceeded the configured size limit, it was not sending a notification of the failure. PC-17512
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the user client to show an error and exit while waiting for an on-demand user creation PC-17436
  • Fixed an issue where the user client erroneously used the IP address instead of the hostname to connect to the server PC-17425
  • Fixed an issue with autocomplete on the login page not respecting the config key 'auth.web-login.autocomplete' PC-17394
  • Fixed an issue where custom reports did not return any data when selecting "today" or "yesterday" as the date range. To use the fix, update any existing custom reports which use the parameters DATE_FROM and DATE_TO and change their data type from "java.util.Date" to "java.sql.Timestamp". PC-17316
  • Fixed an issue with truncated refund comments PC-17256
  • Added the config key "reports.pdf-locale" to set the locale that's used to determine the font for PDF reports. PC-16972
  • Fixed an issue that was causing "Unable to resolve expression 'showGoogleLogin'" errors on the Login page in some scenarios when Integrated Windows Authentication was enabled (auth.web-login.sso-method=WINDOWSAUTH). PC-16273
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases could generate very large debug log files PC-17591
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Direct Print on Windows to fail to link some print queues. PC-17378
  • Fixed an access control issue with batch user import. PC-17191
  • Site Server
    • Fixed an issue that could cause MFDs to remain offline after a site server has been recreated or a site server database reset. PC-16958
  • Print Provider
    • Added "Bolt PDF", "FAXCOM Image Driver", "ImageNow Printer", and "Microsoft Software Printer Driver" to the list of ignored virtual printers. (Windows only) PC-17553
    • Fixed an issue that could cause an incorrect calculation of number of coloured pages when analysing some PostScript data, in Standard mode. PC-17341
    • Generic PCL 6/PCL XL Printer Foomatic/pxlcolor: Fixed an issue where B5 page size was detected as A4. PC-17282
    • Epson PX-M270T printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused incorrect page count in duplex mode. PC-17224

Copier/Device Integrations

  • Fuji Xerox (AIP) / Dell (AIP):
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent the virtual keyboard for login PIN from appearing. PC-17262
  • HP (OXP):
    • Added the option of using a virtual number pad for masked login ID fields. PC-17266
  • Konica Minolta:
    • Fixed issue with multiple device managers utilising a single MapDB file. Sindoh: Fixed issue with multiple device managers utilising a single MapDB file. PC-17272
    • Fixed an issue with session updates that could cause state file corruption. PC-17283
  • Ricoh (SmartSDK):
    • Ricoh SmartSDK: Added support for Maori language selection. PC-17415
  • Toshiba (e-Bridge Open Platform V3+):
    • Added support for configuring preferred integrated scanning file format and level of compression. C-15046
    • Added Integrated Scanning support to scan in portrait mode on Letter/A4-sized automatic document feeders. PC-17233
  • Toshiba (eConnect):
    • Added support for Toshiba e-Studio 908. PC-17337"
  • Xerox EIP 1.5+:
    • Added a new config key `' to adjust the timeout for integrated scanning jobs. PC-17472

Other notes:

  • This release does NOT contain a database upgrade.