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PaperCut NG 19.1.4 (Build 52307)
Posted on 08 October 2019 11:46 AM


  • Added new lookup mechanisms to External Database Lookup. SysAdmins can now search for users based on email, username alias, or username with a username alias backup. PC-15557
  • Mac client-local-install now supports 64 bit architecture. PC-13922
  • When PaperCut NG is installed on a Mac server, the default for iOS printing has changed so that it now needs to be manually enabled. PC-16471


  • EPSON SC-P6000/7000/8000/9000, PX-H7000/9000 Series printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused the following problems:
    • incorrect number of pages and copies
    • page size was incorrectly detected as A4 or Letter if printed on some page sizes that wide-format plotter supports
  • Canon imagePROGRAF printer driver:
    • Fixed an issue that caused number of pages and page size to be tracked incorrectly when printing to a page size other than A4.
      • The charging type "by paper area" doesn't work with this driver since we cannot identify the paper width.
      • The page size is still identified as A4 if printing from Google Chrome's print menu (rather than the system dialog) to a page size not used by a general office-use printer such as A0 and B1. This is a limitation of the Google Chrome and printer driver combination.
    • PRO-4000 series XPS printer driver: Fixed an issue that could cause an incorrect number of color pages to be counted. PC-16587
  • PaperCut Global PostScript printer driver: Fixed an issue that could cause a document printed from Microsoft Office and some other products to be printed in color even though the "Black & White" output was set.
    Note: This fix applies only when the color detection mode on the admin console is set to page-level. PC-13918
  • Print Provider:
    • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused garbled characters to be output to the debug logs. PC-16495
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Print Provider to crash if printed with a Sharp PostScript printer driver on macOS. PC-16533
  • Print Provider on Windows:
    • Fixed an issue that might cause a job printed from Windows Apps to be recorded twice when printing to a shared printer with server side rendering. PC-15913
    • Fixed a rare issue that can cause some print jobs to disappear from the Jobs Pending Release screen or fail to print after releasing in high print load environments. PC-15767
    • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused print jobs to be lost when a Find-Me queue was used in very high load environments. PC-15573
  • Added support for Windows Mandatory Profile to the User Client. PC-16512
  • Added additional `RemoveHostnameAndDomainName` option in PaperCut LPD service config file `pc-lpd.config`. When it is set to true, the PaperCut LPD service will remove hostname and domain name from the job owner's name. PC-16384
  • Added a config key to manually override any group memberships when using LDAP as primary sync source, by defining them in an external file <app-path>/data/conf/additional-groups.txt ( PC-16087
  • Changed the label on the PaperCut Port dialog for port creation and configuration to refer to "Printer Hostname" instead of "Printer name". PC-16040
  • Mobility Print, Windows Server: Chromebook, Android, macOS and iOS clients will be able to see more non standard paper sizes supported by printer drivers.PC-16407
  • Fixed an issue that could cause color and greyscale pages to be counted incorrectly when using Hardware Page Count with Ricoh devices. PC-16402

Other Notes:

  • If you are running v19.1.1, there is NO database upgrade.