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PaperCut NG 19.0.4 (Build 49584)
Posted on 21 May 2019 01:42 PM


  • PaperCut MF/NG now supports the Heartland TouchNet OneCard VIP payment to provide support for on-demand or manual top-up of user accounts.PC-14361
  • User Client: Improved performance in Unauthenticated Printing environments where there are many public workstations that all use a generic user login. PC-15517


  • Security: Security improvements to address a potential remote code execution vulnerability within the PaperCut MF/ NG Application Server (CVE-2019-12135). This was identified by an external security review team. This fix also addresses several other related security issues that were identified by the PaperCut security team. 
  • Integrated Scanning:
    • Added the following languages for OCR (Optical Character Recognition):
      • cos - Corsican
      • div - Dhivehi, Divehi, Maldivian
      • fao - Faroese
      • fil - Filipino, Pilipino
      • fry - Western Frisian
      • gla - Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic
      • hye - Armenian
      • kmr - Northern Kurdish
      • sun - Sundanese PC-15743
  • User Client on Windows:
    • Fixed an issue that caused slow User Client performance in environments with slow networks, as well as the error 'Unable to create the local cache in 'C: \Cache' errors on shared devices (since 19.0.0). PC-15713
    • Fixed an issue that prevented User Client prompts to be forced to the top. This could have resulted in users not seeing the prompts because they were hidden behind other applications (since 19.0.0). PC-15764
  • HP Universal print driver (PCL, PostScript) or HP model-specific driver: Documents printed with a color selection of "High Quality CMYK Grayscale" are now counted as color jobs instead of grayscale. This change aligns with HP's change in firmware version 4.6.4 and above where these jobs are now counted as color in device meter counts. This behaviour can be reversed by setting CompositeIsGrayscale in the print-provider.conf file to "True". PC-15702
  • Canon OcéPlotWave series PostScript printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused custom paper sizes to be detected incorrectly. PC-15770
  • On Demand Payment Gateway: Added a global config key to calculate the job quota for users with negative internal credit (payments-quota-includes-negative-user-balance). PC-15535
  • Spanish Schedule / Email Reports: Fixed an issue that incorrectly prefixed some fields with a "t" (for example, "tTitulo:", "tFormato:"). PC-15781
  • Updated a Secondary Print Server library, which included security improvements. PC-15717

Other Notes:

  • If you are running v19.0.1, there is NO database upgrade.