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PaperCut NG 19.0.1 (Build 49141)
Posted on 09 April 2019 02:22 PM

Note: This release no longer supports 32-bit workstations. If you have users launching the User Client or Release Station on a 32-bit workstation, see this Knowledge Base article for more information. PC-15503

New Features:

  • Print Scripting: Added a new print script function to determine whether or not a print job originated from the PaperCut Mobility Print application (inputs.job.isMobilityPrintJob). MAC-5327


  • Application Server:
    • Improved Application Server performance by changing the maximum number of concurrent connections allowed from 8 K to 16 K per port (configurable in PC-11001
    • Improved performance when under heavy load by adding a new connector for SQL Server 2016 to reduced database connection times. If you're using SQL Server 2016+ and upgrading to PaperCut MF 19.0, switch to the new connector. PC-14525
  • Introduced the ability to select an account for a print job at the device, for client billing or cost allocation purposes. MAC-5262
  • SNMPv3 can now be used for:
    • receiving toner notifications
    • retrieving toner level information (for supported printers)


  • macOS:
    • Improved performance by increasing the default number of concurrent connections allowed on 64-bit macOS servers. PC-14869
    • System default users are now excluded from the User List in the Admin web interface. PC-14810
  • Google Cloud Print: Improved performance by increasing the default value of gcp.http-timeout-seconds to 240. PC-15197
  • Email to Print: Fixed an issue that caused MS Word comments to not be printed. PC-15377
  • Azure AD: Fixed an issue on the User/Group Sync page that caused the "Accept self-signed certificate" option to be unavailable for Azure AD Secure LDAP (since 18.3.0). PC-14859
  • HP DesignJet Z-Series PostScript printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect page size to be detected after the user had selected a custom paper size. PC-15387
  • Print Provider:
    • The Print Provider now has its own new release versioning. For this release it's It's also included as part of this release. PC-15483
    • Fixed an issue that caused Print Provider to restart when analyzing PCL5 spool files generated by some printer drivers.PC-15524
  • In the Admin web interface, changed the MF/NG About page to show a link to the Support web form instead of the Support email. If an ASC or reseller overrides the support email, then their email stays displayed. PC-15267
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Fiery tool to not retrieve jobs. Also added extra logging to show raw Fiery Box replies and to log when jobs are skipped due to zero printed pages. PC-15261
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the PaperCut NG/MF logs from indicating the reason for a failure when a notification message failed to send. PC-15042
  • Fixed an issue in Print Scripting that caused the "defaultChoice" option in dialogs to not accept values that were concatenated (e.g. `12 + ' Monkeys'`) (since 18.3.0). PC-15040
  • Fixed an issue where using the server.listen-interface in prevented server-command from working. PC-14778
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain printer drivers to print on the default paper size when Tabloid (11x17) paper size was selected. PC-14690
  • Fixed a problem that sometimes caused incorrect print outs, for example printing in color instead of grayscale, when using Google Cloud Print, Email to Print, or Web Print with some printer drivers. PC-15299
  • Database Schema for SQL server: Updated the database so SQL server can accept and store special characters from character sets other than Latin (for example, characters with umlauts or accents, .Arabic characters etc.). A database update is required.
    Important: SQL Server Express has a maximum database size limit of 10 GB and upgrading requires some free memory. So when you upgrade to Release 19.0, make sure the data in the PaperCut NG/MF database is less than 8 GB or the upgrade will fail. If the database is larger than 8 GB, contact us. PC-14602
  • Added an option in the Admin web interface on the Options > General page to display real-time activity warnings when the User Client is unavailable and requires user input. MAC-5385

Other Notes:

  • This release includes a database upgrade.