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PaperCut NG 18.3.7 (Build 48531)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 26 February 2019 10:57 AM

This is a Maintenance Release for 18.3 and contains the following changes:




  • Authorize.Net Payment Gateway: Added an option in the file to allow the use of the SHA-2 encryption method (authorize-net.sha2-hash-value). PC-15179
  • TouchNet Payment Gateway: Added an option in the file to ensure that user balances are updated and users receive appropriate transaction completion notifications in environments that have SSO Authentication enabled (touchnet.use-configured-links=Y). PC-14847
  • HP PageWide XL series PostScript printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect detection of page size after the user had selected a custom paper size.PC-15305
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused low toner notification emails to include printers that did not have low toner levels.PC-9293
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect refunding of printed documents with a cancelled status, when conversions were applied to the original document (for example, watermarking, and force duplex). PC-14851]
  • For environments using PaperCut Port Monitor, improved the detection of completed printed jobs.PC-14851
  • Removed a limitation that blocked very long print scripts from being saved. PC-15200
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 'server-command' to hang for five seconds, preventing any other commands from being executed. PC-15206


Other Notes:


  • This release includes a database upgrade.