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PaperCut NG 18.3.2 (Build 47394)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 15 November 2018 05:40 PM

New Features:

  • Google Cloud Directory(G Suite and Google Cloud Identity):
    • Sync users from Google Cloud Directory, which supports both G Suite and Google Cloud Identity.
    • Users can now authenticate using their Google credentials on all PaperCut interfaces.
    • Google Cloud Directory can be configured as either a primary or secondary sync source, and is fully compatible to run alongside another sync source such as Active Directory, giving administrators a flexible migration path.
    • You can now configure a 'Sign in with Google' button to display on the User web interface, Admin web interface and Mobility Print on Chromebooks. This lets users sign in to PaperCut NG without retyping their credentials.
  • Mobility Print on Chromebooks: Users can now click a 'Sign in with Google' button instead of typing their credentials.


  • Installation: When installing PaperCut NG, you can now skip the step to select a user/group sync source and configure that separately later. This speeds up the installation.
  • Security
    • Port 80: Tightened security on port 80 when used for payment gateways to ensure unnecessary information is not included in the http header.
    • Site Server: You can now specify a list of IP addresses or subnets that are allowed to submit information to the PaperCut NG Application Server. This is configured in Options > Advanced > Security section (or using the config key).
  • Admin web interface: In 'Options' there is now a 'Tools' tab. The Tools page lists all of the third-party systems that PaperCut NG directly integrates with.
  • Web services API:
    • getPrinterProperty() now supports a 'printer-id' option, which is also available via the server-command utility. This option improves the usefulness of the health monitoring API.
    • getSharedAccountProperty() now supports an 'account-id' option, which is also available via the server-command utility. This option is useful when setting the printer property advanced-config.override-no-popup-charge-shared-id using setPrinterPropertyMethod().


  • Security:
    • It is no longer possible to log in to the Site Server using the locally defined Admin credentials. Admin credentials from the PaperCut MF Application Server must be used.
    • Passwords are now redacted or removed (as appropriate) from the diagnostics zip file.
    • Unsupported HTTP requests are now actively rejected.
    • Mac and Linux with CUPS: Fixed an issue that could cause authentication information to show in the CUPS printer URI.
  • Find Me printing: Simplified the workflow for setting up Find Me printing.
    • When creating a new device (Devices > Create Device), selecting "Enable print release" now also displays the "Enable find me printing support" option.
    • When creating a new device (Devices > Create Device) or when editing an existing device (Device > External Device List > Device Details > Print Release), selecting "Enable print release > Virtual with Hold/Release" now also selects the "Enable find me printing support" option.
  • Load balancing: Fixed an issue that prevented load balancing from consistently printing to the least busy printer.
  • Windows Print Provider: Added 'Remote Desktop Easy Print', 'PDF Architect', and 'eDocPrintPro' to the list of ignored virtual printers.
  • PaperCut Print Provider: On a Mac OS of High Sierra or later (using PaperCut CUPS filter) caused printing to fail for Canon and Epson printers.
  • iPrint: Fixed an issue with iPrint where it would run only on OES 2018. It now runs on iPrint Appliances and other OES versions.
  • macOS Mojave (CUPS): Fixed an issue in macOS Mojave causing a short delay in the display and monitoring of printers after installation, and when a new printer is subsequently added.
  • macOS and Linux: Fixed an issue that caused Google Cloud Print and Email to Print to fail, and occasionally Find-Me printing to fail.
  • Moneris eSELECT Plus Payment Gateway: Added an option to set the locale to English or French via the file (moneris.lang=).
  • Heartland Payment Gateway: Added an option in the file to improve performance in large environments using Load Balancers, where Heartland on Demand Transfer is enabled (heartland.server.load-balancer).
  • Global Print Driver (version Released the latest version of Microsoft WHQL certified PaperCut Global PostScript driver. Included a minor fix so users cannot select to print duplex on a device that has no duplex unit installed.
  • Ricoh PostScript printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect page size to be reported when users selected some standard paper sizes, such as JIS B5, or a custom paper size.
  • Canon UFR II printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused grayscale conversions to not be applied when printing via Google Cloud Print.

Other Notes:

  • This release includes a database upgrade.
  • Updated the End User License Agreement (EULA).