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PaperCut 13.4 (Build 24032)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 02 October 2013 10:22 AM

New Features:

  • Web Single Sign-on (SSO). Single sign-on lets users access PaperCut's web interface via an intranet portal without re-entering credentials. PaperCut offers a choice of two popular SSO technologies, Integrated Windows Authentication and WebAuth. For more information, see Single sign-on chapter in the user manual .
  • It's now even easier to track duplex printing to help your organization reduce paper usage. Summary reports have been enhanced to show both single and double-sided page counts by user, printer or group.
  • For organisations that require an exceptional degree of user privacy, a new option is provided to "Anonymize jobs". When this option is enabled, the print log does not record the username.


  • Account selection on Web Print is now more convenient as the user's most recently used shared accounts now appear at the top of the list.
  • The Executive summary report can now report on a specified set of printers using a printer list filter.
  • A group name filter has been added to the User print/copy/scan/fax and Shared Account print/copy/scan/fax breakdown reports.
  • Web Print enhancements:
    • Web Print now lets you upload and print multiple files in one step.
    • The Web Print wizard now occupies the full width of the browser window, so that printer names no longer wrap unnecessarily.
    • The Web Print server is more resilient to time-out's when running MS Office.
  • Improved support for printing from iOS 7 devices. Print jobs created with the "mobile" user are now marked "unauthenticated" automatically.
  • PaperCut now provides an auto-completion search on fields where a shared account name must be specified. This speeds input and reduces the likelihood of entering an invalid shared account name.
  • An administrator can now specify a non-numeric card ID when creating an internal user.
  • PaperCut can now enforce a minimum length on card/ID number fields to guard against invalid or insecure ID numbers. This is configured using the advanced config editor.
  • An optional parameter has been added to the server command "list-user-shared-accounts" to specify that the list of accounts should be returned regardless of the user's current shared account mode.
  • Enhancements to XML Web Services API and server-command to make it possible to set a user's default shared account.
  • To support a kiosk touch screens, the Release Station software can be configured to used an on-screen keyboard. It is now possible to specify a custom on-screen keyboard program in place of the Windows default (osk.exe).
  • The ability to extract the username from print job PJL which is required for some enterprise environments has been extended to support CUPS on Linux and Mac. See the manual chapter on external usernames for more information.
  • Improvements to user client to ensure the correct accounts are displayed when popup authentication is enabled. The client now refreshes the account list each time a user authenticates or logs out.
  • The Payex payment gateway now supports Payex's AutoPay system, using pre-prepared agreements.
  • Added a new payment gateway for the Official Payments service, supporting manual credit addition. This payment gateway is available under the Early Access program.


  • Improved the reliability of client authentication in some IPv6 networks. PaperCut now ignores matches on an IPv6 link-local address.
  • Fixes for the PC Client Windows 8 "Toast" notification.
  • The Dashboard news is now visible to users accessing the PaperCut web interface via HTTPS.
  • Fixed a problem using a JavaScript card number converter script on a Mac Application Server.
  • Prevented a JavaScript error sometimes seen on a user's "Recent Print Jobs" page.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the print provider seen at one customer site.
  • Fix the wildcard matching of printers specified in the IgnorePrinters list in the print provider configuration. Previously any printer starting with the specified name would match as if a '*' was implicitly appended to the name.
  • PaperCut Client is now able to update the current user in the client properties file.
  • Allow users access to the "Change Details" page even when the user is not allowed to change their card number.
  • Fixed errors when using Oracle as an external database and saving data that uses multi-byte characters. Sites experiencing problems may need to re-initialize their database. If needed, please contact support for assistance.
  • Fixed an issue in the Executive Summary report where the seventh top user's full name was not correct.
  • The application server has been made resilient against invalid schedules specified with the schedule.daily-maintenance advanced config key.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Application Server to be overloaded when running a large number of secondary servers.
  • Improved handling of license files where the licensed organization name included trailing spaces.
  • Mac legacy client (Mac OS 10.6 and older): Fixed problem running client-local-install on Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5 systems.
  • Fixed a problem when simultaneously renaming a parent and child account.
  • Fixed rare Windows server print redirection issue when using Hide Document names in Spanish locales.
  • Fixed a problem with the user client tool command-line arguments not accepting single character values in some situations.
  • User web pages now always display printing rates with the correct number of decimal places.
  • The Realex payment gateway now correctly formats British Pound and Euro currency symbols on the payment confirmation page.
  • When using a top-up-on-demand payment gateway and choosing to display the external/gateway balance, the Jobs Pending Release page in the user web interface will now display the total user balance (rather than just the PaperCut balance).
  • TopUp Card Installer no longer displays the "Microsoft Word not installed" message when running the installer in silent mode.

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Improved support for determining the serial number on certain Lexmark devices.
  • Improved grayscale detection on Mac for selected Sharp printers.
  • Improved duplex page count detection on selected Kyocera PCL6 print drivers. In duplex mode, the driver may append a final blank page which should not be counted as a printed page.
  • Automatically ignore new versions of the Foxit PDF Reader virtual printer.
  • Improved page-level color detection when printing in Postscript from LibreOffice and Gnome Evince.
  • Improved support for Epson LP series printers.
  • Added page size detection for Graphtec plotters.
  • Added copies detection for Canon iR2525/2530 printers.
  • Added support for Hardware Page Count validation for Ricoh Aficio MP C400.
  • Improved copy count detection on selected HP printers using PCL5 drivers.

Other Notes:

  • This release contains a database upgrade and administrators should factor this into their upgrade plan.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded copier software.