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PaperCut MF 13.0 (Build 20726)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 28 January 2013 12:29 PM

This is a bugfix release for version 13.0 and contains the following changes:


  • PaperCut performs database status and health checks periodically. A bug in this status check code with selected database configurations could lead to a slow connection leak. This release addresses this issue. Sites running build 20687 on an external database are advised to upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where IE9 running in “Intranet Compatibility Mode” was incorrectly detected as IE7. Administrators will now no longer receive an incorrect legacy browser warning message on login.
  • Fixed an issue when Windows XP Desktop is used as a primary print server OS. Selected print archiving features may not have worked as expected on this OS. This issue is now resolved.