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PaperCut 10.7 (Build 12373)
Posted on 02 December 2010 08:00 AM

New features:

  • Restricting access to color printing is now much simpler. All printers now have a filter for selecting the user groups who have color printing access.
  • Watermarking and job attribution is now available for PCL5 printer drivers, in addition to the existing PostScript support. Next up: PCL6.
  • New reports to compare printing over time (e.g. last month to this month).


  • Novell OES: Print jobs manually canceled from iPrint queues are now automatically refunded.
  • Novell OES: Improvements to cluster install notes.
  • Scheduled reports can now be copied. This simplifies setting up multiple similar reports.
  • Printer toner information may now be manually updated (in addition to the automatic perdiodic updates)
  • Test notifications can now be sent to specific email addresses as well as by entering a username.
  • The Windows release station zero-install method ("pc-release-local-cache.exe") now automatically updates more config files each time it is launched ( and, simplifying deployment of multiple release stations from a central location.
  • Improved retrieval of device serial numbers via SNMP by looking in some non-standard SNMP locations.
  • Improved support for IPv6 when using the Windows Print Services for Unix (LPR and IPP).
  • All printing based reports now have an ad hoc filter for printer groups.
  • Improved logging to diagnose secondary server connection issues caused by security settings.
  • Added a full Hebrew translation, thanks to our team in Israel.


  • Fixed a problem editing scheduled reports with multiple email recipients which caused the recipients to be saved incorrectly.
  • Fixed problem when editing scheduled reports in Excel/CSV format where date range parameters were incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed small memory leak in the Windows print provider service.
  • Sensitive fields are no longer logged to the App Log when they are changed in the Config Editor (e.g. SMTP passwords).
  • Windows: fixed printing order when a large number of print jobs are released at once (more than about 40 jobs).
  • Improved reliability of watermarking on the HP 4100 with PostScript drivers.
  • Release Station: Fixed anonymous print release for release stations running in "release any" mode.
  • Release Station: Improved support for card authentication when using card header and trailer that are the same character.
  • Fixed a problem setting admin rights for user group restrictions that could occur when running on a PostgreSQL database configured with certain locale/language settings.

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Improved page count detection for Xerox APIV C4470 PCL6 drivers.
  • Improved copy count detection for some PostScript printers.
  • Added page count support for Dymo 330 and 450 printers.
  • Added grayscale/color detection for Xerox PostScript printers (e.g. the WC 7655).
  • Added paper size detection for Canon UFR II devices such as Canon ir-ADV C2020/C2030 printers.
  • Added support for detecting A5 paper sizes for Ricoh and Kyocera PCL5 printer drivers.
  • Added support for RISO ComColor GDI series.
  • Added support for the Ricoh RPCS driver for the GX7000 and GXe3350N devices.
  • Added support for the Panasonic KX-MB3030 GDI Driver.
  • Improved duplex page count detection for Sharp MX 5000N PCL5 driver.
  • Added copy count detection for PostScript drivers on KIP plotters.
  • Linux/Mac: Added support for the Oki C5650 HiperC printer.
  • Linux/Mac: Improved reliability of print job redirection (e.g. find-me printing) on very busy print queues.