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Working with network printers
Last modified on 14 August 2020 04:29 PM

I have a network printer (printer with a network card). How do I set this up to work with PaperCut?

We recommend network printers for use with PaperCut. This includes printers supporting Ethernet connection methods such as “JetDirect” and “Standard TCP/IP Ports”. Network printers offer more flexibility than direct-connect printers such as USB printers. For example, a network printer can quickly be moved to a new location without any need to reinstall the printer on a new system.

Network printers should be first installed on the server (where the PaperCut server software is running) then shared to Workstations using standard Windows printer sharing. Workstations should be configured to print to the shared printer (i.e. the printer \\server\printer)

To set a network printer up in PaperCut, follow this procedure:

1. Install the printer on the server using the manufacture’s setup method. If possible, we recommend installing as follows:
a) Start→Settings→Printers then double-click on the Add Printer wizard
b) Select Local Printer and click Next
c) Click Create new port a select Standard TCP/IP Port
d) Follow the setup wizard entering in printer details such as its IP address and name
e) Test the printer by printing a test document from the server
2. After the printer is setup and the printer’s icon appears on the server’s printer list, right-click on the printer and select Sharing…
3. Share the printer under an appropriate name. We recommend using a naming convention based on physical location.
4. On each workstation, add the printer as follows:
a) Start→Settings→Printers then double-click on the Add Printer wizard
b) Select Network Printer and click Next
c) As the printer’s name, enter \\servername\printername where servername is the network name of the server, and printername is the name given to the printer in step 2. above.
Another option is to automate this step by using some of the methods outlined in Automatically adding/connecting printers to workstations.
5. Test by printing documents on the workstation and ensure jobs are tracked by PaperCut.

The video below demonstrates how to add a PaperCut managed Network Printer in Windows

If you are an End User looking to set up printing on your own workstation, check out our article on how to add printers!