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Which version of Java do I need installed for PaperCut?
Last modified on 30 September 2017 02:28 PM

On Windows, Mac, and Linux, PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF comes bundled with a specific version of Java that only the application will utilize. Each component of the software which can be installed or copied to a location other than the primary Application Server’s installation directory will also run this version of Java.

This copy of the Java runtime will not interfere with the host operating system’s default Java runtime, nor will it be accessible to other Java applications on the host system. As such, upgrading the local system’s Java runtime will not impact PaperCut NG or PaperCut MF.

For Versions Older Than 13.5 on Legacy Mac OS X

On old releases of Mac OS X, versions of PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF older than 13.5 used to rely on the Java package provided by Apple as part of the operating system (sometimes as an optional download). As this was not available as a standard Java redistributable, we needed to rely on the Apple-provided Java variant.

If you have installed a version of Java distributed by Oracle instead of the Apple supplied Java, and you are intending to run a version of PaperCut NG or PaperCut MF older than 13.5 on a legacy version release of Mac OS X, then you may have problems running the User Client or installing the Application Server. In that case, we suggest visiting the Apple Downloads site and searching for Java. You can then download and install the relevant version of the Apple supplied Java for your version of Mac OS X. Following this procedure may also address other problems with Apple supplied Java (e.g. your Java installation has stopped working).