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What external database should I use?
Last modified on 11 August 2020 11:09 AM

The internal Derby database that comes as standard with PaperCut is stable, scalable, self-maintaining and provides efficient performance. For this reason most organizations do not need to run PaperCut on an external database system. That being said, there are some good reasons to run PaperCut on an external database, and deciding which database can be a difficult task.

PaperCut has a number of supported external databases that can be used with your PaperCut installation. One of the more common questions we get asked by customers is which one?

What are you most comfortable using?

PaperCut does not have a preferred external database that should be utilized, and a large factor in deciding what external database you should use depends on your current knowledge of database administration. If you are already familiar with a family of database systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or Oracle, then it would be best for you to use one that you’re familiar with.

Other considerations might be;

  • Are you familiar with the maintenance of this database?
  • Will you know how to run your own custom reporting using our database schema?

Do you have an existing database infrastructure you can use?

If you have an existing database infrastructure already in place, you should look at incorporating the PaperCut database into it. This means you’re bundling multiple factors, including:

  • Previous knowledge
  • Administration
  • Backups
  • Costs

I’ve made my considerations, and am ready for the next step….

In that case, it’s time to deploy your new external database in PaperCut! Just follow the guide HERE