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5 Top Tips when using Google Cloud Print in Education
Last modified on 19 August 2020 11:23 PM

Note: Google announced that Google Cloud Print, their cloud-based printing solution that has been in beta since 2010, will no longer be supported as of December 31, 2020. We recommend you use PaperCut Mobility Print instead.

With mobile devices almost surgically attached to the palms of students these days, education organizations are increasingly challenged to offer mobile printing services. Supporting printing in BYOD environments, or with Chromebooks brings up a whole new set of issues. Google Cloud Print or its alternative, PaperCut Mobility Print is a key element in solving this challenge.

This article offers 5 top tips for managing Google Cloud Print in an education environment.

Tip 1: Consider the benefits and issues of Google Cloud Print

Before embarking on your deployment of Google Cloud Print, consider the benefits it offers and how best to leverage and position these in your schools or college. GCP provides a very simple print experience. This however is a double-edged sword. For example, it’s so easy to use that a teacher might accidentally print a confidential document to the school printer while they are at home! This can be overcome by end-user education or PaperCut’s hold/release secure printing feature.

Tip 2: Test on a small set of devices and users, then deploy across all

This is very Deployment-101 for the roll-out of any new application, however it’s particularly relevant to Google Cloud Print. GCP is a complex virtual solution that sits across both internal and external facets of your network, along with multiple devices and applications, and hence deserves rigorous testing before go-live!

Tip 3: Educate with information posters

There is no point in setting up Google Cloud Print only to have it not used. A great way to promote and encourage the use of GCP once launched is to use Information Posters. Take the time to create informative posters with configuration instructions and guidance for popular Cloud Print devices. Tailor the instructions to your setup and how your users will interface with GCP.

Tip 4: Understand users, groups and security

Managing a large number of students and staff in colleges or universities can be difficult. It’s worth investing the time into creating appropriate student and staff groups within your Google domain account management. This can streamline your printer sharing and management moving forward.

Tip 5: Don’t forget to control and manage printing activity

This is where PaperCut comes in. PaperCut is packed full of features and all of these can be applied to Google Cloud Print jobs. Keys features for sites considering GCP include: