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Thunderbird Digitally Signed Attachments
on 29 December 2014 10:42 AM

In PaperCut Email to Print module, digital signature wrapping of a message confuses the program parser used to extract attachments.

If the message is sent with the attachments signed separately to the message, Papercut handles the attachment with no problems. However if it is signed as a whole (message & attachments together) then it fails. This is because it is then sent as a multipart attachment, which we do not handle currently.

We could look to improve this by handling the multipart and searching within the multi-part attachment, but do not believe this is worth the extra effort at this time, due to the small number of affected clients.

The Vendor for Thunderbird email even notes this at their website:

NOTE: PGP/MIME is only supported by a limited number of clients.