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Re-apply initial user settings via server command
Last modified on 15 August 2020 09:23 PM

There are situations in complex environments where users that move department, course or position, need to have their group membership changed. These changes under normal conditions do not evoke a reset of the user’s current rules or balances, requiring manual intervention on the administrators’ part.

Many of our Administrators have scripts to move a user across multiple systems and set their new permissions/conditions. Papercut is no exception to that rule.

This server command was created to allow administrators the flexibility to return a user’s properties to the same initial state as a newly created user via command line. Usage:-

re-apply-initial-user-settings <username>
           Re-applies initial settings to the user based, on group membership.
           <username> - the user’s PaperCut username.

To that end the Re-apply initial settings command was designed to give the admin the ability to script the same action as:

  • Clicking the “Re-apply initial settings’ link in the Actions section of the User Details page. (Users → [Name of the user])
  • Apply any group rules and settings the admins have set in the “New user settings “ section of the group details page. (Groups → [Name of the group)
  • Re-Apply Initial Settings (advanced) from the Bulk User Actions→Reset statistics section.

When used in conjunction with the following commands

remove-user-from-group <username> <group-name>
add-user-to-group <username> <group-name>

It forms part of any complex user maintenance script to ease the workload of administrators.

For more information on using server commands, how to execute them see Appendix A of the PaperCut manual

For example: If you want to remove user “guest-user” from “Internal Users” group, then you can run the above command like this:

remove-user-from-group guest-user  “[Internal Users]”