Knowledgebase: PaperCut
Print Tracking
Last modified on 14 August 2020 09:10 PM

PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF are designed to track print usage in a network environment. When people refer to tracking they usually mean in a silent non-obtrusive way. PaperCut is ideal for this requirement. The software will keep detailed activity log/logs of all user printing activity including information such as:

  1. The user who printed
  2. The time of the print event
  3. The number of pages (page count)
  4. Document attributes such as color, duplex, grayscale, paper size, document area
  5. Where the print job originated from (the workstation name or IP address)
  6. The document name and type (for example a Word document’s file name and optionally the extension)
  7. The print job’s cost if a per-page or other cost model is associated with the printer
  8. The full print job contents including interactive viewing, if Print Archiving is enabled.

This information can be further analyzed by network administrators and management to determine printer load and abnormal network/printer activity.

For more information on PaperCut’s ability to track printing or implement a print quota solution, please see the main PaperCut NG web page and associated product tour.

If you are interested in tracking copier usage (e.g. off-the-glass copy, fax and scan) or copier control, please see the PaperCut MF edition.