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PaperCut Web Interface Won't Load
Last modified on 11 August 2020 09:47 PM

Your PaperCut admin interface won’t load! You’re getting some sort of error, and you’ve taken to the web to find the answer! You’ve come to the right place.

If you are a student, employee, or anyone who is not the PaperCut server administrator, we recommend that you check in with your organization’s IT support for assistance. Look for someone wearing cargo pants, maybe a subway map on their wall (Just me? Hm… ok then).

Troubleshooting Check List

Ensure that the PaperCut Application Server service is running
Verify that you can access the web interface on the server (using loopback or localhost)
Try browsing to the IP address of your server instead of the hostname
Verify that the PaperCut Ports are open and accessible to the network.
See if HTTPS is the problem
Attempt to connect to the network share, or ping the server in order to verify that routing is not the problem.

Ensure that the PaperCut Application Server service is running

We know… this is like the “turn it off and back on again” of software troubleshooting- but hey there’s a reason that’s always the first question asked! May as well knock the easy stuff out before deep diving into things…

See: StoppingAndStartingPaperCutServices
Is this app server running?

Verify that you can access the server locally

Let’s start by taking out as many layers as we can here. We can try accessing the web interface without involving routing, name resolution, or any other network-y stuff. Attempt to access the PaperCut UI on the server through the loopback or localhost address.

Try browsing to the IP address instead of the hostname

Sometimes people don’t update their entry in the phone book. To give them a call, you’ll just need to remember the phone number. The same goes for the server address in DNS. We can rule out DNS as a factor by trying to get directly to the IP address of your PaperCut server instead of the hostname.

Are you using the IP Address of your Server?

Troubleshooting DNS problems:

It sounds like you have a DNS problem on your hands. Make sure that you have the right server hostname. Try the fully-qualified domain name (e.g. instead of just papercutserver:9191) Make sure you have the right A record on your DNS server. Check that your workstation is configured to use the right DNS server. There are lots of things that can go wrong here, and frankly, none of them have anything to do with PaperCut. Unfortunately this is not our area of expertise (we are but simple printing folk) but your network administrator should be able to assist with this.

Confirm that the necessary ports are open and accessible on the network

PaperCut will use port 9191 and 9192 for web traffic by default. We’ll want to make sure that your network firewall or the firewall software on the server is not blocking the ports that PaperCut is configured to listen on. Check out the resource below for a list of all firewall ports used by PaperCut.

See: FirewallPorts
Are your ports open?

Try HTTP instead of HTTPS

There’s a chance that if you are unable to load the web page, you could be experiencing an SSL/TLS error. Make sure that you’re testing on your PaperCut server’s http port not the https port.

See: http://<your-papercut-server>:9191 and https://<your-papercut-server>:9192

Check if you can access the server externally at all

If the server has failed every test so far, we’ll want to do one last check to make sure that the host is even accessible on the network. Attempt to contact the server via another protocol - try to add a network share from the device, navigate to it in your file manager, or ping it from a command shell.

Were you able to contact the server at all?

Routing or networking problems

If you are not able to get a response from your server anywhere on the network, you’ll need to get your hands dirty and dive in to find the problem. This is another subject that’s out of PaperCut's control and a network administrator should be contacted to resolve this issue.