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PaperCut on Windows Server 2003
Last modified on 24 November 2010 03:29 PM

PaperCut on Windows Server 2003

Does PaperCut run on Windows 2003?

PaperCut version 4.1 onwards is fully compatible with Windows 2003 including various Active Directory setups. It is our recommendation that sites moving their server over to Windows 2003 consider upgrading to the latest release of PaperCut during this process. This way disruption to users can be minimised to the one set of downtime. Please read our PaperCut's Upgrade Policy and the price page for details on how to upgrade.

PaperCut version 3.X will run under Windows 2003 however some additional server configuration steps and system wide registry editing is required. Please email our support team for details on the steps involved.