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PaperCut on multiple servers
Last modified on 11 January 2013 10:52 AM

Can I run PaperCut on multiple servers?

Licensing Considerations: PaperCut can be installed on as many servers as required within a single domain within a single physical site. As a company we have decided against per server licenses as this approach penalizes sites with multiple existing print servers, and forces them to restructure all their print servers. This also encourages sites to overload their servers. PaperCut is instead licensed per user as we feel this better reflects an organization’s budget.

Setup Considerations: PaperCut has excellent support for multiple servers using a primary and secondary server concept. This involves setting up a single primary PaperCut server, and installing multiple secondary print servers. The secondary print servers run a small print monitoring service and report their activity back to the primary server.

Configuring secondary print servers is described in the manual here:

A high level description of the PaperCut multi-server architecture can be found in the manual here: