Installing PaperCut on LRS VPSX
Last modified on 28 April 2015 09:29 AM

PaperCut is able to interface with print queues from the VPSX* system developed by LRS*. This is a popular system offering SAP integration, document transformation (PDL), and AS 400 support (iSeries).

The document linked below covers the PaperCut MF integration with the print spool system VPSX System by Levi, Ray & Shoup Inc. ( Integration is provided in the form of a VPSX filter that interfaces the print spooling process with PaperCut. It allows the VPSX system to leverage core PaperCut features including:

  • Detailed print tracking, reporting and quota controls
  • Secure print release and find-me printing
  • Ability to allocate jobs to accounts, departments, projects via client
  • Popup software (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • Implement Find-Me printing, hold/release queues and release stations
  • Integrate tracking of off-the-glass copier jobs (using embedded software or copier control terminals)
  • Track color usage and printing costs using page-level color analysis
  • Interact with end-users via popup dialogs driven by Print Scripting. E.g. Did you really mean to print 100 pages in simplex?
  • Detailed environmental impact reporting
  • ... and many many more print management software tasks!

PaperCut interfaces with VPSX via a specially designed VPSX filter.

The PaperCut MF LRS integration is avaliable now for Microsoft Windows servers. Development is also under way to ensure the PaperCut MF Linux version is also able to interface with VPSX on Linux.

Note: Configuring PaperCut to run under VPSX is an advanced procedure and is intended to be supported by the PaperCut Development Team. Any sites deploying PaperCut on VPSX should discuss the project with PaperCut. A PaperCut development-level consulting fee will apply to these projects to ensure antiquate technical and upgrade support is avaliable.

* LRS and VPSX are registered trademarks of Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.