I'm migrating from GPAS. How do I import balances?
Last modified on 24 November 2010 03:17 PM

I'm migrating from GPAS. How do I import balances?

PaperCut supports a number of data import methods ranging from simple text file imports to scripting interfaces and programming APIs. Because data migration from a legacy system is a once-off operation a simple text file import will usually suffice and can quickly be managed using standard tools such as Microsoft Excel. (Or Vi macro's if you're a unix guru :-)

  1. Export the GPAS balances into a format that can be opened in Excel. For example, use ldapsearch to dump username and balance to a text file then import into Excel.
  2. Make sure the username is in the first column and the balance in the 2nd column. Leave all other columns blank. You may need to "massage" the data and ensure it's clean before importing.
  3. Save as a tab-delimited text file (important that it's Tab Delim rather than CSV)
  4. Import the file using Actions -> Batch User Import...

More information on using PaperCut's Batch User Import and Update option is covered in the user manual. You can read this online here: