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I'm a student - How do I get a refund for my failed print job?
Last modified on 15 August 2020 07:35 PM

The printer jammed and ate your job and now you’d like to get your money back!

You expected your print job to come out of the printer, but nothing came out. To add insult to injury, you’ve had the charge deducted from your PaperCut balance. You’re here for our help to get a refund.

We make the PaperCut software that your organization uses and while we don’t have the capability ourselves to login to your system and get your money back directly, we can provide the steps below to make this as painless as possible.

You might be able to make the request from your local system administrator yourself

Some schools or colleges have a page listing useful internal websites - which can include the PaperCut login page. If your school or college has a central help system or portal for that kind of information, it’s worth checking there - under ‘PaperCut’, ‘Printing’ or something similar.

You may find you can login to see your previous jobs:

1. Log in to the user web interface at http://[server_name]:9191/user using your network username and password.
2. Locate the first, failed print job on the Recent Print Jobs page.
3. Click the [Request Refund] link.
4. Enter a reason.
5. Click Send.