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Ignoring/deleting/excluding printers
Last modified on 22 March 2016 10:18 AM

How do I ignore/delete a printer from PaperCut?

By default, PaperCut is designed to automatically monitor all printers on the system/server. Deleting the printer via the admin web interface will not stop monitoring - the printer will just reappear next time a job arrives (as the system will detect is as missing and re-add it).

To completely ignore a printer, the Print Provider component needs to be instructed not to track and report activity. This procedure is explained in detail in the user guide here:

Note: History logs are still maintained allowing access to historical data. Always confirm your action before proceeding with the delete!

Why ignore/exclude a printer?

Common reasons for ignoring a printer include:

  • You need to test printing with PaperCut disabled for troubleshooting purposes.
  • The printer is a virtual printer such as a FAX or PDF converter.
  • You are not concerned with tracking usage on the printer.
  • The printer is only used by trusted people and it's usage can be disregarded from reports.
  • The printer is used for a special purpose such as label or batch printing and tracking is not appropriate or causes problems.
  • Management has made a determination that print recording should not occur on a particular device (e.g. printing of sensitive material/documents).