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I upgraded my Apple OSX server and now PaperCut isn't working?
on 08 February 2011 03:02 PM

I upgraded my Apple OSX server and now PaperCut isn't working?

During the upgrade process for Apple's OSX server operating system it is quite likely that permissions on various files and directories will be modified. This can impact on the functionality of PaperCut as it will lose the ability to read and write to certain files and directories that are critical for operation.

You can confirm this is the issue by opening the [app-path]\server\logs\server.log and scanning through for any errors similar to this:

 2010-07-05 13:35:48,593 ERROR TextBasedPrintJobLog:116 - Unable to log print job to text file.
 /Applications/PaperCut NG/server/logs/print-logs/printlog_2010_07_05.log (Permission denied)

In this situation the best solution is to re-install over the top of your current installation with the same version of your current installation. For example, if you have PaperCut version 9.8 installed, you would need to download the version 9.8 installer.

  1. Backup your current installation by copying /Applications/PaperCut NG/ to another location, compressing these directories will save space.
  2. Download the correct version.
  3. Run the installer on the print server.
  4. Confirm that all data and settings are correct.

If this process does not work, please contact for further advice!