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Does PaperCut support printer redirection based on rules?
Last modified on 26 May 2015 05:33 PM

Yes, this is supported via Advanced Scripting in version 10.1+. Check out some of the best practice recipes for different types of redirection strategies such as:

  • Directing large jobs through to high-volume printers
  • Least cost routing

There are however some caveats when directing from one devices “type” to another.

Usually the reason for re-directing a job to another printer is that the job is better suited for a different “type” of printer. E.g. it’s a larger job and should hence be printed on a high volume laser printer rather than the InkJet. PaperCut supports “redirection via notification”. You can set up filters that allow you to place limits or restrictions on jobs on a per-printer basis. Users are then sent a customizable message why their job has been denied and this may include a suggestion to use an alternate printer. Automatic redirection (or rollover) in this case is not really possible as the job needs to be re-rendered for the new printer type and in many cases the user may need to select new options (e.g. the new printer may have duplex option and this should be selected). Redirection via notification also helps educate the user as to why their job should be printed elsewhere.

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