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Diagnosing user client popup and notification issues
Last modified on 24 September 2013 11:03 AM

Diagnosing user client popup and notification issues

The PaperCut user client is used to:

  • Deliver notifications/messages for denied print jobs, jobs held in the release station, etc.
  • Display print job popups for account selection or print confirmation.
  • Display print job popups as directed by printer scripts (Advanced Scripting).

PaperCut delivers these notifications by determining where the user printed the job from (i.e. the workstation where the job was printed). If user client notifications are not being delivered there could be a number of reasons why, and this article discussed how to diagnose/resolve these problems.

Verify the client is running correctly

If the client is running and displaying the current balance of the logged in user) then this is a good indication that the client is working correctly.

On Windows, if the balance window isn’t displayed, then hover your mouse over the PaperCut task-tray icon. If the client isn’t connecting to the server a “tooltip” message will be displayed showing “Connecting…”.

Verify the client is the most recent version

Clients are normally backwards-compatible so that the server can be updated without having to update client. However some features such as popups directed by printer scripts require the client to be updated when you update the server.

This will only be of concern if you are not already using ‘zero-install’ client deployment on Windows via the pc-client-local-cache.exe tool. With zero-install client deployment, updates will be deployed automatically.

Verify that you are printing to the PaperCut server.

PaperCut monitoring printing performed via a print server. If you are printing directly to the printer’s IP address and not to the print server monitored by PaperCut then PaperCut will not log this print usage and therefore will not send any print job notifications/popups.

To test if PaperCut is monitoring print jobs, print a document from your workstation, and verify that the job is logged in the PaperCut print logs (e.g. Printers→Print Log). If the job is listed then you know PaperCut is correctly monitoring your printers.

If the job is not listed, but the job still printed at the printer, then this indicates that your workstation is configured to print directly to the printer and not via the PaperCut print server. Please see the PaperCut manual for configuring your workstation printers.

If the job is not listed and the job hasn’t printed, and it remains in the print queue in a paused state then it could indicate that:

  • The job is held in a hold/release queue. Do you have this enabled for the current printer? If so, then check Printers→Jobs Pending Release to see if the job exists there. To simplify testing, it’s probably best to disable the hold/release queue when testing these print notifications/popups,
  • The popup could not be delivered to the user client, and PaperCut is waiting for information from the user client. Proceed to the next section.

Enable debugging in the application server

Before proceeding any further, enable debugging in the application server as described in the link below. This will cause PaperCut to produce more diagnostic information to assist in resolving the popup/notification problem.

Enable debug in the application server

Perform a test notification

To test basic communication with the client software, perform a test notification as follows:

  • Login to PaperCut web admin
  • Go to the Options→Notifications page.
  • In the Test Notifications section (at the bottom of the page), enter the username of the test user you are using. Ensure that this user is logged into a workstation and the user client is running.
  • Set the Send the test message field to the user client.
  • Enter a test message and press the “Send test notification” button.

If this message is delivered to the client, then the client is operating correctly. Proceed to the next section to diagnose the print popup/notifications.

Reproduce the problem and collect information to send to support

Make sure that debugging is enabled in the application server (as described above).

Then reproduce the problem of the popup not appearing on the client workstation, and collect the following information. It is important to collect all of this information to give the support team as much information as possible.

  • The approximate date/time of the print job
  • The username of the user that printed
  • The printer name
  • The IP address of the workstation
  • The machine name of the workstation
  • If applicable, a screenshot of the PaperCut print log screen showing this job.

Then send this information to along with a zipped copy of the all server debug logs located in:


Other Considerations

Other considerations to keep in mind can be found on the ‘Why is my user client running slowly’ page, including resolving issues with DNS by updating the client config file to point to an IP address instead of a hostname.