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Charging more for Mylar film plots
Last modified on 14 August 2020 10:36 AM

In Engineering, Architecture and Graphic Design offices, it is common to use more expensive (premium) print materials such as Mylar Film, Architecture grade paper, and gloss photo paper. PaperCut offers a Charge Rates feature that can help organizations account for the extra costs of these materials. The user selects the appropriate charge rate from a drop-down list in the client pop-up window. The system can be configured to display various charge rates in the drop-down list. Please see the user manual for more information about this feature.

Other users of this feature include:

  • Discounting draft quality prints of draft quality paper.
  • Discounting large batch jobs (e.g. offering a 20% discount for clients ordering 5 or more copies of their architectural plans)

Note: Discounts/adjustments can also be made manually after a print by directly editing print logs and/or making transaction adjustments, however using the Charge Rates feature is a more convenient option.