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Building A Mac Client Install Package
Last modified on 24 November 2010 10:56 AM

Building A Mac Client Install Package

The Mac client is provided as a standard .app package. No special installation is normally required. The application package can be simply dragged into the Applications directory on any computer. Some organizations however would like to deploy the application in an installer package so the installation process is consistent with other applications. This Knowledge Base article provides the resources to build your own installer. (A custom installer needs to be built for each site as each site's is different as it's customized to connect to the unique server via it's IP address and/or hostname.)


  • Advanced Apple Mac administration knowledge.
  • A copy of the PackageMaker program provided by Apple (provided in the Developer Tools CD).
  • A working installation of PaperCut.

The Process:

  1. Copy your client from the PaperCut server to a workstation's /Applications directory
  2. Confirm that it works as expected (e.g. via double-click). Make any configuration changes as required (e.g. edit
  3. Install PackageMaker
  4. Download the DMG file here and open it.
  5. Copy the working client into the directory root/Applications/ in this DMG.
  6. Open the "PaperCut Custom Client Package Project" in PackageMaker.
  7. Select Build... from the Project menu and save the created installer package to your HD.
  8. Test your newly created installer package including a full system restart to confirm that the client will automatically start after login.
  9. Provide the installer in a DMG to your users. The process of creating a disk image is discussed here.

Tip: It may be helpful to include other information in the DMG such as a README file that discusses how to install, your organizations print quota policy, and who to contact in the event of any problems.

This method will work on Tiger 10.4 and Leopard 10.5. It also installs a LaunchD LaunchAgent to ensure the client automatically starts on login/boot.

The DMG also contains a README file that has additional information you may find useful. Also please feel free to email our dev. team for assistance.