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Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) Known Issues
Last modified on 12 November 2014 02:46 PM

Printers get paused when using 10.10, and jobs are not logged in PaperCut (Resolved in 14.3.29819)

Note: This applies to a Primary or Secondary server installation where the PaperCut Print Provider is running to monitor print queues - not on every workstation, unless the PaperCut Print Provider is installed there too

The latest version of Mac OSX (10.10 - otherwise known as ‘Yosemite’) now includes CUPS version 2.0. The implementation includes tighter restrictions around access to the printing subsystem - also known as Sandboxing. We have found that these restrictions mean that PaperCut no longer has the access it needs to be able to control and monitor your print jobs. Symptoms include filter errors appearing in the Print queue window on the Mac, and the print queues will go into a paused state.

We have worked on a temporary solution for customers wanting to use 10.10 immediately. We hope to have a more refined solution in a future release of PaperCut, so that these manual workarounds won’t have to be used.

To get PaperCut working with Mac OS 10.10 in the interim, you’ll need to disable sandboxing. Edit the file /etc/cups/cups-files.conf to include the new line ‘Sandboxing Off’. Then restart CUPS for this to take effect.

You can use the two commands below (copy and paste into the ‘Terminal’ application in Applications → Utilities → You’ll be asked for your admin password after the first command is entered:


sudo sh -c 'echo "Sandboxing Off" >> /etc/cups/cups-files.conf'
sudo launchctl stop org.cups.cupsd

You should then find that printing and monitoring of your jobs through CUPS works as before.

For those who are interested in the behind-the-scenes details, there is a temporary fix for this in 14.3 - the behavior of the installation on Mac OS 10.10 changes with 14.3 in that by default the installation will complete without enabling Printers for monitoring in PaperCut.

If you are doing an install on 10.10 with 14.3, you’ll need to run the Control Printer Monitoring.command as detailed on the Enabling Printers on a Mac article. When you run this script on 10.10, it will also detect if Sandboxing is enabled in CUPS, and will offer to disable it for you to enable PaperCut integration.

This avoids the need to perform the steps above manually

iOS-advertised Printers are not visible from iOS devices (Resolved in 14.3.29819)

When performing a fresh install of 14.2 or below on Mac OS 10.10, printers will not be advertised to iOS devices. This has been resolved in 14.3.

Note that this only applies to the PaperCut iOS print advertiser as detailed on the iOS Printing page. If you’re seeing this issue on any other version of Mac OS, please check the iOS Common Printing Questions article - particularly the section “Q. My printers don’t show up on the iOS devices when selecting a printer.”

Mail Drop

With Mac OSX 10.10, Apple have introduced Maildrop. This functionality allows people to email large documents (which would normally be rejected by email systems as too large). As the Apple documentation explains - when using Apple’s default Mail application, when someone attaches a document that is normally too large to email, it will create an iCloud link to the document and seamlessly upload it in the background.

Recipients who use Mail on Mac OSX 10.10 will see the attachment as a regular attachment (in the background it is downloading it for the user). Other non-iCloud or non-Apple-Mail users will see a link to the document where they can download it.

Currently PaperCut’s Email to Print feature will not recognize these iCloud links, so users who have sent large documents through Apple’s Mail program will get a return message saying: “Your Email to Print job was received, but no attachments were found. Please ensure you have attached a document and try again.”

In this situation, the only workaround would be to use a different mail client, or to uncheck the ‘Send large attachments with Mail Drop’ check box under Mail → Preferences → Accounts → Advanced, so that attachments are sent in the normal way.