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How To Enable Debug Logging In The PaperCut Port Monitor
Last modified on 12 June 2015 11:44 AM

The PaperCut Port Monitor is used for SNMP Hardware Checking and may be used for Print Job Watermarking.

If asked by support, it may be necessary to turn on debugging for the PaperCut Port Monitor to attempt to diagnose a reported issue. The process for enabling debug logging for the PaperCut Port Monitor is the same as enabling debug logging for the PaperCut Print Provider, as covered in the knowledge base article How to Enable Debug in the Print Provider

In addition to following the instructions as listed in How to Enable Debug in the Print Provider, the administrator will need to:

  • Restart the Print Spooler Service after changes to the print-provider.conf have been saved. A Print Spooler Service restart is required to reload/reinitialize the PaperCut Port Monitor software by the Print Spooler Service.
  • Special note for systems older than 12.0 : If the version of PaperCut is 12.0 or earlier, apply write permissions to the print-provider.log for the user that issues the test print job(s), if the job owner is a non-administrator privileged account. Under versions of PaperCut prior to 12.1, the PaperCut Port Monitor will attempt to write to the log as the print job owner rather than the account that PaperCut runs under (SYSTEM by default). These writes to the log will fail unless the user is given the appropriate permissions. If the test job can be tested using an administrator account, then this step is not necessary.