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Apply for a license exception
Last modified on 11 June 2012 01:34 PM

Apply for a license exception

PaperCut's user license is based on the number of user accounts stored in its database.

In some cases, an organization's domain/network may contain a number of inactive or inappropriate user accounts. This is a common situation in higher-education. By default, PaperCut will factor in all accounts when calculating and verifying its license. If the user count can not be reduced using the technical/procedural methods outlined here, the organization can apply for an exception. This means that the organization will be issued a special license that covers all users under the condition that the active user count remains below the official license limit (active being defined as the number of users that print at least once per calendar year in business, or based on official records of on site staff (staff + students / employees).

To apply for an exemption, the organization will need to send a written letter, scanned letter on letterhead, or a formal email from an official organization e-mail address (i.e. not from Hotmail!) to The request should contain:

  • The total number of users currently in the directory.
  • The current/expected number of active print users (or estimate with tolerance based of official records).
  • A brief explanation of why an exception is required.
  • An indication that you will endeavor to ensure that the “active user” count will always remain below the official license limit.
  • An indication that you will be happy to supply a report or copy of the database at most once a year so PaperCut may verify the active user count (We will destroy all data after verification).

You may apply for an exception either before or after purchasing a license. The preference is to finalize the exception before the purchase is made. That way sales can formally grant the exception and issue you with a special order link and/or a formal quotation.

An example:

I, Mr Jones, the IT Manager of XYZ University, would like to formally apply for a license exception for PaperCut NG. Our domain contains 20,000 users of which 15,000 are active print users and the remaining are either disabled or inactive accounts that need to remain for a period of 12 months after a person leaves the University. Our organization is currently licensed for 15,000 users and would like an extended license to cover all 20,000 user accounts.
We will ensure that the active user count remains below our 15,000 user limit and will notify PaperCut software if our active users exceed our official license limit. We are also happy for PaperCut Software to request a copy of a report or database data to verify our active user count. For your records, I have included a copy of an email from our student records department detailing our current on-campus student count and staff numbers as of this term. This will allow you to verify our 15,000 active user request.

Note: The request should be via email or letter (i.e. not over the 'phone), and sent by an organization official.