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PaperCut MF 23.0.5 (Build 68385)
Posted on 30 January 2024 10:00 AM

Print Provider version
Print Deploy server version 1.8.2565


  • Email to Print: Improvement to the efficiency of bulk folder operations when using the IMAP protocol. PO-1735
  • User/Group Sync Source: Added the ability to configure an alternative email address for UPN users with the Standard Azure sync. PO-949
  • Integrated Scanning: In the DB, we now record a Unique ID in the printer usage logs for all integrated scanning jobs. PO-1876
  • Print Deploy: Allows admins to downgrade the execution privileges of the Print Deploy server. Note that this is applied by default in a fresh installation of 23.0.5, but will need manually applying (if required) for upgrades. See How to downgrade the execution privilege of the Print Deploy server on Linux and macOS for more information.  PD-1690

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Sharp OSA 3.0+: Fixed auto embedding issue for Sharp embedded app. CDSS-3011
  • HP OXP: Improved performance of swipe card login for HP Embedded app. CDSS-2866
  • Toshiba V3+:
    • Fixed account balance format to support a large number CDSS-3192
    • Improved the login process on some Toshiba EBN devices CDSS-3106
  • Xerox:
    • Improved touch screen responsiveness on Xerox AltaLink C81XX series devices (Xerox EIP 1.5+) running firmware version 114+ and using the 3rd Gen web browser. CDSS-2907
    • Added the ability to use Xerox EIP 1.5+ devices behind a proxy or network load balancer. CDSS-3142
    • Fixed an issue that caused Xerox devices to not have HTTPS enabled for the Job Limits function. CDSS-3189