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PaperCut NG 23.0.1 (Build 67835)
Posted on 31 October 2023 10:29 AM

Print Provider version
Print Deploy server version 1.8.2518

New Features:

  • Added the ability for customers with Azure user/group sync to enable multi factor authentication (MFA) on their tenancy under certain circumstances. This enables MFA login flow across all web based authentication, however does not support the MF User Client. See Overview of synchronizing user and group details with Entra ID (Azure AD) for more information. PO-1593PO-1275
  • Security communications enhancement to allow PaperCut to publish a banner to the Admin web interface to alert customers of any critical security incidents that may arise and guide them to take action to mitigate the issue. PO-1448


  • Security enhancement requiring Admins to re-authenticate their session before updating or assigning the admin rights or admin password. PO-1558PO-1557
  • Security enhancement to comply with GDPR guidelines to redact personably identifiable information in Worldpay (RBS) Payment Gateway logs. PO-1166
  • Updated several third party libraries. PIE-625PO-30PO-858PO-859PO-862PO-947PO-963
  • Security enhancement to ensure that all password fields within the configuration files; and any payment gateway configuration files, are encrypted. These values will then be encrypted automatically after restarting the Application Server service. PO-1130


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the editing of scheduled reports where the report contained invalid email addresses. PO-1231
  • Fixed an issue that prevented scheduled reports being sent if any recipient contained an invalid email address. PO-910
  • Print Provider: Added options to configure the HTTPS/TLS communication port, cipher suite, TLS version and whether self-signed certificates should be accepted. PIE-47
  • Print Analysis: Fixed an issue that caused page color to be detected as grayscale when using the Fujifilm Apeos series PCL6 printer driver to print booklets. PIE-537
  • Email to Print and Web Print: Fixed an issue that caused printing to fail for some drivers when Tabloid page size is used. PIE-616

Other notes:

  • If you are running v22.0.10 or later, there is NO database upgrade.