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PaperCut NG 22.1.3 (Build 66960)
Posted on 25 July 2023 02:04 PM

Print Provider version
Print Deploy server version 1.7.2342


  • For internal user accounts only, re-introduced honoring of config key min-password-length to allow admins to set minimum password length for users. Admin password length minimum is still 8 characters since 22.1.1. PO-1465
  • Added Customer Reference Number (CRN) to the About Page. PO-1376


  • Fix an issue where the Model/Type would not be correct on the Printer/Device details page for certain Fujifilm devices. PIE-532
  • Admin message: Print Scripting and Device Scripting are enabled by default was still appearing after config had been set to “N”. Fixed issue so that message only appears when required. PO-1491
  • Fixed an issue that caused some fields under Options > Notifications > SMTP Server Options to show as blank, after upgrading to 22.1.2 PO-1487
  • Addressed an issue where Email Printing services using Gmail Over OAuth will stop trying to reconnect after encountering a network problem. Now the service will try to reconnect after the configured interval if the problem appears to be network related. PO-1392
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ‘Balance After’ field to be missing from the Web Cashier Deposit Acknowledgement Slip. PO-1336


  • Addressed file traversal issues. CDSS-2495, PO-1447
  • Hardened internal API Authentication. PO-1474
  • Updated several third party libraries to recommended patch levels. PO-1445, PO-1364, PO-1359, PO-1391
  • Page analysis: Fixed an issue that caused the print costs to be incorrect for fixed-length charging in Canon/OCE Plotters. PIE-465
  • Windows: Fixed an issue that caused Print Provider to crash when redirecting print jobs to HTTPS/IPPS target print queues. PIE-250
  • CUPS: Fixed an issue that caused printing to fail with a ‘filter failed’ error message when processing the print-provider.uuid4 file. PIE-449
  • PDL transform: Fixed a rare issue that caused the device screen to prompt users to adjust paper orientation when printing multiple copies to certain Ricoh devices via a Find-Me queue with the PaperCut Global PostScript printer driver. PIE-457

Other notes:

  • This release contains a database upgrade