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PaperCut MF 22.1.2 (Build 66766)
Posted on 28 June 2023 10:52 AM

Print Provider version
Print Deploy server version 1.7.2342

New Features:

  • Over 50+ contextual links to the online manual added to the Admin UI to assist in configuration. PO-1270
  • Self signed certificates created using the create-ssl-keystore tool can now have additional values set via a new -rdn parameter, including the ability to set Country (CN) for compatibility with HP Gemstone devices. More information is available in the manual here. PO-1226
  • Customers using Office 365 or Google email services can now utilise OAuth authentication for SMTP notifications. PO-1218
  • When using db-tools for database imports and migrations, Added additonal validations to check file paths are correct, and backup zip files are valid. Error messages displayed to the administrator have been improved. PO-1085

Integrated Scanning:

  • New Scan Actions will be defaulted to Low Compression, favoring quality over file size reduction. Existing scan actions will be unchanged. SC-1589


  • Changed the wording of the default English language Forgotten Password message. PO-1278
  • Fixed an issue that prevented changes to the User/Group sync form from being saved when smtp notifications were not configured. PO-1257
  • Added support for a “back off” response from Office 365 mail servers. PaperCut will now observe a backoff period returned by the mail server. PO-1102
  • Fixed a problem that could cause the wrong user to be associated to a print job after a Print Deploy client reconnects to the application server. PO-1031
  • When batch splitting was used in scan to email destinations, only the first file size was being calculated against the key. Fixed issue so that the entire scan batch is checked to confirm if the max job size has been exceeded. SC-1566

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Epson: Fixed an issue in Epson MF which started after MF22.0.8, whereby if the account ID is empty an error message was popping up. CDSS-2289

  • Fuji Xerox:

    • Fixed an issue where integrated scanning was not working on specific networks for Fuji Xerox devices by adding 2 device config keys scan.max-idle-time-seconds and scan-job-update-wait-time-secs. CDSS-2427
  • Fujifilm:

    • Fixed an issue where integrated scanning was not working on specific networks for Fujifilm devices by adding 2 device config keys scan.max-idle-time-seconds and scan-job-update-wait-time-secs. CDSS-2427
    • Fixed an issue where some custom apps didn’t work as expected, for example, clicking Scan to Email displayed the device’s home screen instead of the Scan to Email screen. Updated the list of custom apps keywords in Fujifilm AIP7 manual to include only keywords that work with CDSS-1949
  • HP (OXP):

    • Add Support for HP Card Reader 35H11A to HP Devices. CDSS-228
    • Applied a fix to HP Kiosk mode whereby users were not being told if they used an invalid card to login. CDSS-2332
  • Konica Minolta (OpenAPI):

    • Enable the usage of SSL Keystore and Key passwords to prevent confusion and error messaging. CDSS-2299
  • Lexmark v3.1.6*:

    • Resolved issue where the last page of a duplex copy job was not being counted. CDSS-2142
    • Support new Lexmark Devices. The Lexmark binary has been updated to work on these new models:
      • CS63x
      • CX53x
      • CX63x
      • MS632dwe
      • MX53x
      • MX63x
  • Kyocera v3.2.4*:

    • Fixed an issue where users were logged out automatically from the Home Screen of the Kyocera Embedded Application v3.2.3. CDSS-2304
  • Ricoh (SmartSDK) v3.2.4*:

    • Fixed an issue that stopped the auto connection retry from working on some Ricoh devices. CDSS-2253
    • Fixed an issue that stopped the display of the refresh button icon on some Ricoh devices. CDSS-2307
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Ricoh Remote Operation Client to fail at the Configure SmartSDK connection step when using https or a mixed connection to the device. CDSS-2279
  • Toshiba:

    • Adjust font size in Toshiba SING20 device login screen to be readable. CDSS-1696

Other notes:

  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.