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PaperCut MF 21.1.1 (Build 57908)
Posted on 26 August 2021 11:31 AM

New Features:

  • Scan to Fax:
    • Konica Minolta: On advanced fax integrations, users can now search and select contacts from a phonebook or via manual entry. PC-18363


  • Scan to Fax:
    • Added the ability to encrypt Basic (Generic SMTP) Scan to Fax actions. PC-18269
    • Added the ability for Basic (Generic SMTP) to reject untrusted certificates. [PC18269]
    • Toshiba and Konica Minolta devices: Added the ability for these devices to support the new advanced ‘API-based’ fax integration with Retarus. PC-18480
    • Toshiba and Konica Minolta devices: Added the ability to allow/prevent Basic and Advanced Scan to Fax actions from appearing on the MFD. PC-18459
  • Improved customization and flexibility. Added support for syncing custom attributes to the Card ID field when using Google Cloud Directory. PO-180


  • Scan to Fax:
    • Authentication secrets are now hidden from the debug log. PC-18389
    • Added license warnings and per-device access to Scan to Fax actions. PC-18329
  • For customers running a large number of Direct Print Monitor clients, we have optimised the Application Server performance to improve performance and scalability. PO-219
  • Security improvements to address an issue in the NG/MF Application Server. PO-480

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Kyocera:*
    • Added support for auto-detection of scanned page sizes, including mixed-size scans. PO-283
  • HP (OXP):
    • Added control for whether or not the PaperCut OXP app registers as a quota service. The new config key is ext-device.hp-oxpd.register.quota-service. The default is Y, which maintains the behaviour of previous versions. PO-350
  • Konica Minolta (OpenAPI):
    • Reduced app server load time during startup. PO-169

Other notes:

  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.