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PaperCut MF 21.0.3 (Build 57306)
Posted on 06 July 2021 02:06 PM


  • Added support to the webservices API for deleting delegated groups, delegated users and other email addresses. PO-290

  • Added new substitution variables %device_name% and %device_location% to the available macros for integrated scanning destination paths. PO-193

  • Added the new config property schedule.daily-maintenence-reports to allow scheduled reports to be run at a different time to the daily maintenance tasks. PO-130

  • Added SSL support for PaperCut desktop client communications. PO-50

  • Added support for usernames longer than 32 characters, previously this could prevent users from scanning or copying if their username was longer than 32 characters. PO-188

  • Print Archiving:

    • Added support for latest GhostPDL executable naming convention on Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac. PO-94


  • Fixed an issue for third party providers who have created a top up link using our Payment Gateway Module API; previously the user could have their account topped up 100x more than it should if one of the following three config keys were set and the top up amount was equal to one of these values - Min, Max and Default Transfer Amounts. PO-282

  • Fixed an issue with the webservices API that did not support group lookups when using username aliases. PO-263

  • Fixed an issue with LDAP user syncing that caused the domain component of UPN usernames to be appended twice when syncing with multidomain enabled, for sources other than GSuite. PO-259

  • Fixed an issue that could cause web print to fail for images when .NET runtimes other than Standard are installed. PO-181

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Unicode language names (e.g. Hebrew) from being displayed correctly in the file-based group import (additional-groups.txt). PO-324

  • Fixed a Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in the user import (from a TSV file). PO-305

  • Removed authentication requirement from /verify page of PaperCut user interface so that new account verification links will still be usable when WebSSO is enabled. PO-43

  • Updated Google OAuth libraries to version 1.35.0. PO-15

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Scan Next Page button to be hidden on some devices with small screens. PO-17

  • Fixed an issue that prevented OpenAPI logs from being generated. PO-301

  • FUJIFILM Business Innovation ART EX printer driver:

    • Fixed an issue that prevented page size and grayscale page detection from working. PO-304

Copier/Device Integration

  • FujiFilm
    • Fixed an issue with newer models that caused the card reader to stop working when the device wakes up from standby. PO-260
    • Fixed an issue that caused the pages in multi-page JPG scans on Fuji devices to be ordered incorrectly. PO-20
    • Added support for closing the onscreen keyboard when the enter key is pressed on DMP-13 and 14 devices. PO-147
  • HP
    • Fixed an issue that could cause PaperCut to clear the device access control settings at each re-initialisation of the integration, with firmware 4.11 and later. PO-138
    • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused HP FutureSmart 4 devices to lock up during integration process. PO-46
    • Added support for using multiple card readers in parallel on HP OXP devices. PO-79
  • Konica Minolta
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some color pages from being correctly charged when using custom paper sizes for copy jobs on Konica Minolta. PO-95
    • Fixed an issue that caused device Back, Delete and Print buttons to be unresponsive when the config key was set to “N”.
  • Xerox
    • Fixed an issue that prevented grayscale conversion from working with Xerox AltaLink models. PO-72

Other Notes:

  • If you are running v21.0.1 or older, there is a database upgrade.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.
  • 21.0.3 is a combination of all the changes in 21.0.2 as well as 21.0.3, due to timings the two releases were combined.

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