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PaperCut NG 19.2.1 (Build 52936)
Posted on 10 December 2019 10:24 AM

New Features:

  • Print Deploy
    • Added the ability to deploy printers, drivers and default print settings based on user groups.PD-329
    • For additional Print Deploy updates, see the Print Deploy release notes


  • Removed license warning, when there are more than 3 custom reports. PC-16593
  • Added support for CSV export in custom reports. PC-15983
  • Multi-domain Active Directory User Source: Added ability to use the user's UPN as their PaperCut username. PC-15330
  • Added distinct error codes to all `<fault>` payloads for the Web services API. PC-12797
  • Added ability to bulk update PaperCut Application Server SSL Certificate details to embedded devices EAD-129
  • Added support for Elatec TCP3 converter in Client Mode. PC-12427
  • The number of log entries in server log created by the web services API or server-command has been reduced. The detailed log entries will reappear when debug logging is switched on PC-15010
  • New printer property to identify if the print queue is virtual. PC-141317
  • System administrators can now retrieve a list of all printers or devices via the server-command utility, or the web services API. PC-141317
  • A new RESTful API to support developers who need to add an "on-demand" payment workflow to PaperCut NG. Contact support for more information. NOTE: This replaces the legacy Java plugin APIPC-15171


  • Page size calculation issue for HPGL custom size paper is fixed. PC-16541
  • Fixed suggested queues not appearing in the Find-Me-Printing destinations queue list PC-15720
  • Reduced the number of unnecessary calls to CBORD DX payment gateway. If the property"cbord-dx.on-demand-transfer.enabled-groups" is not empty then _only_ appropriate balances are retrieved. PC-12981
  • Users can provide a user principle name (UPN) suffix which will be appended to the windows user name to form a UPN at the print server. PC-15329
  • Fix an issue preventing app server from shutting down promptly sometimes. PC-15498
  • Fixed an issue where accessing parts of job ticketing would result in a cross origin request block error when accessed through a reverse proxy PC-16583
  • Added a new configuration property in PayPal WPS payment gateway to that allows you to specify the return URL from PayPal back to the application server. PC-16000
  • Konica Minolta PostScript printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused incorrect color detection if output color is set to "Gray Scale" PC-16663
  • Oki Universal PCL5 printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect page count when printing multiple pages on a single sheet of paper (n-up printing) PC-16655
  • Epson Universal printer driver: Fixed an issue that pages were identified as color when the printer control language was set to "ESC/P-R" and a color document was printed in grayscale PC-16619
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate firewall rules were created during a server installation or upgrade of the Print Deploy component. PC-16783
  • Fixed a packaging issue which the Samsung XOA fix in MAC-5822 was not included in 1.4.1 EAT-212
  • Fixed a rare issue where the Print Deploy page in the PaperCut NG/MF admin web interface shows a HTTP 500 Timeout Error under some network conditions. PC-16881
  • Print Provider: Fixed an issue that could cause the Print Provider to crash when processing a PostScript document that for some reason, such as a spooler timeout, has corrupted ASCII85-encoded data. PC-16825
  • Print Provider on Windows:
    • Fixed an issue that caused print jobs held in a print queue to disappear from the Jobs Pending Release screen when the Print Provider service was restarted several times. Provider service was restarted several times within a short space of time. PC-16886
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Print Provider to crash if Print Archiving was enabled and a job printed from Windows Apps was redirected PC-16873
    • Fixed an issue where in rare cases some print jobs could be charged twice and/or fail to print after release. PC-16907
  • User Client (Windows): Fix adding Java 11 DLL dependencies to the MSI. PC-16526

Other Notes:

  • If you are running v19.1.1, there is NO database upgrade.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.