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PaperCut NG 18.2.1 (Build 44658)
Posted on 24 July 2018 02:01 PM


  • Active Directory synchronization is now included in the system debug logs when system debug logging is enabled.
  • On the Printer Copy Settings page, you can now select all common or select all printer settings.
  • Print Release: IPPS print queues are now included in the list of suggested Find Me destination queues on the Device Details page, when the network address matches the destination address of the MFD.
  • Language support: Welsh is now available.
  • Toner levels are now reported on IPPS print queues.


  • Security:
    • Fixed an issue that allowed an Admin with partial admin rights to gain additional admin rights in the Admin web interface.
    • Site Server: Fixed an issue that incorrectly included sensitive authentication information in debug logs.
    • Continuing security improvements on the PaperCut NG Admin and User web interfaces, to reduce vulnerability to deserialization attacks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused web interface logins to fail when the proxy setup added an X-Forwarded-For header that included a port. This enables sites to use Mobility and Web Client logins with this proxy setup.
  • Standard Release Station: Fixed a layout issue that caused the Print All and Cancel All buttons to be inaccessible when using an onscreen keyboard on some screens.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a "Could not find message for key" error message for some Release Station job cancellation messages.
  • Mac User Client: Fixed an issue preventing Mac User Clients from connecting to the Application Server over IPv6.
  • Admin Web Interface: Fixed an issue that caused long printer/device group names to flow outside the Printer/Device group dropdown box on some screens.
  • CBORD payment gateway:
    • Improved some error messages, and removed some confusing messages that displayed when the balance was low.
    • Improved security support for legacy CBORD users.
  • MacOS generic PCL driver: Fixed an issue that prevented:
    • simplex to duplex conversion
    • changing the number of copies.
  • OKI PostScript drivers: Fixed an issue that in some cases caused an incorrect page count when multiple pages were printed on a single sheet of paper (n-up printing).
  • Xerox PCL6 drivers: Fixed a rare issue that caused changing the number of copies to fail.
  • Print Provider:
    • Fixed an issue that occasionally printed garbled characters in the debug logs.
    • Changed a setting so the Print Provider communicates correctly with the PaperCut NG Application Server and Site Server when a content filter service is used. For details, refer to SonicWall with Content Filter Service.

Other Notes:

  • If you are running v18.1.1, there is NO database upgrade.
  • The End User License Agreement (EULA) has been updated.