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PaperCut NG 17.3.5 (Build 42052)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 17 October 2017 09:35 AM

This is a Maintenance Release for 17.3 and contains the following changes:


  • Increased the frequency of updating the Printer Status on the Admin web interface dashboard, from once in 120 seconds to once in 20 seconds.


  • Epson SC-PX7V2 printers on Windows and Mac: Fixed an issue that incorrectly tracked and charged for every page in a color print document when multiple pages were printed on a single sheet of paper (n-up printing).
  • Windows Print Providers: Fixed a rare issue that prevented PaperCut NG from tracking print jobs due to the Print Provider service being unable to start.
  • Fixed an issue causing a refund for a job charged to a single default personal account to also be refunded to all the secondary external personal accounts.
  • Mobile Print Release: Fixed an issue when users clicked the "Back" or "Refresh" button on the Job Info screen that incorrectly displayed a blank screen, making the mobile device unresponsive.
  • Security: Fixed an issue when using the CreateSSLKeystore command line option to generate a self-signed SHA-256 certificate that incorrectly created a SHA1 certificate instead.
  • MySQL database: Fixed an issue when searching for users on the Users > User List page that produced an error.

Other Notes:

  • If you are running v17.2.1 or later, there is NO database upgrade.