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PaperCut NG 17.1.3 (Build 40878)
Posted on 14 June 2017 11:33 AM

This is a Maintenance Release for 17.1 and contains the following changes:


  • Fixed an issue causing a user's PIN to be deleted when their account is changed from Restricted to Unrestricted and vice versa.
  • The New User Settings now allows the setting of a negative credit balance.
  • Fixed an issue when running the PaperCut Application Server on Windows 7 or above that prevented Winpopup notifications from being delivered to Windows clients.
  • Mac and Linux:
    • Google Cloud Print and Email to Print: Fixed an issue preventing printing on Linux and Mac when there are 5 or more concurrent jobs being processed by a Print Provider.
    • Fixed an issue preventing jobs with shell interpreted meta-characters (such as backticks `) in the document title from printing to a virtual queue.
  • Web Print sandbox mode: Fixed an issue that occurred after one or more Web Print servers go offline, causing a single print job with multiple copies to be incorrectly processed as multiple individual print jobs.
  • Mobility Print: Improved page-level color detection for PostScript printers.
  • Site Server: Fixed an issue causing Site Servers to go offline when "" has a higher value than "".
  • PDL transforms: Fixed an issue causing temporary files to be retained when PDL transforms were enabled.
  • Kyocera Classic Universal KPDL driver: Fixed an issue when printing in booklet mode, that incorrectly detected total page count, color page count, page size and duplex as simplex.
  • Konica Minolta BizHub 226 driver: Fixed an issue when printing multiple copies of a multi-page MS Word document, that incorrectly detected total page and copy count.
  • Toner status:
    • Improved the reliability, accuracy, and level of detail of the Toner status on the Printer Details > Summary page.
    • Added support for more toner colors in the Toner status on the Printer Details > Summary page.
  • Prevent job release to printers reporting errors: The following additional device types are now supported:
    • Lexmark Touchscreen Printer (eSF)
    • OKI Touchscreen Printer (eSF)
    • Dell Touchscreen Printer (eSF)
    • Toshiba Touchscreen Printer (eSF)
  • Fixed an issue causing custom logos in the Admin web interface to display incorrectly in Internet Explorer 11.

Other Notes:

  • If you are running v17.0.0 or later, there is NO database upgrade.