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PaperCut NG 17.1.1 (Build 40470)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 16 May 2017 10:24 AM


  • Mobility Print: Continued improvements including:
    • Allow Mobility Print to connect through a Site Server when the Application Server is offline.
    • Support for per job authentication. Per job authentication mode enforces authentication for every print job.
    • Support for subnet based printer filtering. This allows you to provide visibility to a subset of printers depending on a user's subnet.
    • Support for Mobility Print on private cloud.
    • Support for .local domains to simplify configuration on macOS and iOS platforms.

    For more detailed information about bug fixes, see Mobility Print Release Notes.

  • Watermarking and digital signatures: Watermarking and digital signatures are powerful capabilities that enhance printing security by allowing identification of the source of any printed document. Enhancements to the existing functionality include:
    • The addition of full page watermarking for PCL6 and PostScript print jobs. This allows you to print a repeating watermark across the entire page, making it impossible for someone to remove it without destroying the document. Note: If you have secondary servers (Print Providers), you must upgrade them all for this functionality to work.
    • The default text used in the printed watermark now includes the %signature% variable. This prints a digital signature on each page, which can be used to identify the exact job in the job log.
  • HSTS: Support for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), forcing browsers to connect only via HTTPS.
  • Web Print: Improved performance when printing multiple copies of a document. Web Print now collates all copies into a single print job resulting in less network traffic, decreased load on the Application Server, and faster printing time. Note: You must upgrade ALL Web Print Sandbox servers in your organization for this functionality to work. For more details, click here.
  • The What's Next gadget on the Admin web interface dashboard can now be hidden.
  • Improved database performance when user accounts are retrieved. This speeds up a range of functions such as logging in and printing.


  • Security enhancements:
    • Logging in to the Admin web interface and the User web interface now require the use of cookies. For security reasons, the use of session IDs in URLs when cookies are disabled is no longer permitted by default.
    • You can now configure the SSL cipher order preference to be either server cipher order or client cipher order.
    • Fixed an issue allowing admins who do not have App Log view permissions to see the App Log details on the Admin web interface dashboard.
    • Web Print: Increased security around the upload of documents to a Web Print server.
  • Secure Print Release:
    • Fixed an issue where print jobs deleted from the Windows print queue were not removed from the Release Station interface.
    • Changed the default release mode of the standard Release Station to Secure instead of ReleaseAny. The Secure release mode allows users to only release their own print jobs.
  • Mobility Print: Fixed an issue preventing users from authenticating when a published printer had paper size restrictions.
  • Fixed an issue preventing an admin from viewing more than the first page of refunds on the Printers > Refunds page.
  • Fixed an issue causing analytics files to be incorrectly sent to PaperCut when the "Share system usage data" option is disabled. Note: These files did NOT collect any data.
  • Internet Explorer 11: Fixed an issue causing the web interface tour tips to redisplay after being closed or skipped.
  • Print scripting: Fixed an issue that occurred when 'action.user.onCompletionSaveProperty' was set to null, causing jobs to not be logged.
  • Linux systemd systems: Now automatically allow a sufficient number of files to be opened, which means less manual configuration for larger implementations.
  • PCL6 driver: Fixed an issue causing an incorrect page count when duplex printing from Internet Explorer.
  • Canon LBP842C: Fixed an iOS printing issue that caused an incorrect page count.
  • Epson SC-T7200D ESC/P2 driver: Improved page count accuracy on macOS print servers.
  • Watermarking with PCL6 drivers: Fixed an issue where "Bottom of page" watermarking on landscape pages did not print.
  • Mac and Linux: Removed an unnecessary error message when running some command line scripts.
  • iOS printing: Fixed an issue preventing printing from iOS devices after upgrading the print server to MacOS Sierra 10.12.

Other Notes:

  • This release does NOT contain a database upgrade.
  • Linux 32-bit: As per our End Of Life Policy announcement, Linux 32-bit is no longer supported.
  • Web Print enhancements require an update to ALL Web Print sandbox servers.
  • Full page watermarking requires an upgrade to ALL secondary servers (Print Providers).