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PaperCut NG 17.0.3 (Build 39713)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 07 March 2017 03:55 PM

New Features:

  • Mobility Print:
    • Mobility Print simplifies the printing process for Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) and other end-user managed devices, across all prominent operating systems (iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows, or macOS). Whether on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or Chromebooks, by following a few simple steps, users can quickly discover and print to any printer, without requiring the assistance of a SysAdmin.
  • New look Admin web interface:
    • PaperCut NG has been redesigned! It's modern, user friendly, and most importantly, it's a stepping stone for future improvements to the interface and feature development.


  • HTTPS/SSL Configuration: Ability to import SSL certificates directly from .PFX, P12, .PEM, .DER, and .CRT files.
  • Global Print Driver: A Microsoft signed version of the PaperCut Global Print Driver has been included in the installation of PaperCut NG.
  • PayEx Payment Gateway: Support for:
    • WyWallet and credit card for manual transfers.
    • On Demand transfer using WyWallet
  • The Admin web interface Options > Admin Rights page now allows you to Select All or Clear All check boxes.
  • Individual Admin web interface pages can now be bookmarked.
  • Individual User web interface pages can now be bookmarked.
  • Email to Print: Improved download speed from IMAP mail servers.
  • Diagnostic log file rotation is now paused during the collection process to ensure that logs are not missed.
  • Scalability improvements to the Application Server when handling a large number of User Clients.
  • A "Download Diagnostics file" button has been added to the Options > Advanced page. This button is used only for troubleshooting purposes when there are memory issues (your friendly support engineer will tell you when).
  • Print System Health Monitoring: New endpoints have been added to monitor the status of Mobility Print servers.
  • Linux Release Stations: Improved support for on screen keyboards.
  • Paypal WPS payment gateway: Added support to connect to PayPal via a Proxy Server.
  • macOS: As per our End Of Life Policy announcement macOS 10.9 is no longer supported.
  • Internet Explorer: As per our End Of Life Policy announcement IE10 is no longer supported.
  • Web Print (Sandbox mode):
    • An experimental feature that allows you to print OpenOffice documents (switched on with web-print.enable-openoffice-support). Supported file types include:
      • OpenOffice (.ODS and .OTS) files from Microsoft Excel 2010+.
      • OpenOffice (.ODT and .OTT) files from Microsoft Word 2010+.
      • Supports printing text files from Microsoft Word.


  • Google Cloud Print: Fixed an error when a printer shared to Google Cloud Print was renamed.
  • Security improvements:
    • Environmental Dashboard: Fixed an issue that might allow users to access other users' environmental dashboards.
    • Continuing enhancements to security of Admin Web UI to defend against emerging scripting attacks.
  • Fixed a rare issue in some PostScript jobs where the number of copies might be incorrectly counted.
  • Watermarking: Fixed an issue that incorrectly positions watermarks in documents with mixed page orientations.
  • Hardware Page Count validation now supports additional options to check all trays before determining if a device has no paper.
  • Simplified error message in the Admin web interface (Options > Notifications) when test notifications cannot be sent.
  • RISO: Fixed a color page detection issue when printing with a RISO FW ComColor GDI (5000, 5230) driver.
  • User Printing - Logs report: Fixed a problem preventing the report from being run in Ad-hoc mode with Offline usage filtering.
  • Mac OS: Fixed a problem that prevented printers from being added to PaperCut on initial install.

Other Notes:

  • This release contains a database upgrade.
  • And of course, the "Fine Print":
    If you have a current subscription to Premium Upgrade Assurance, your upgrade to Version 17.0 is already included. Otherwise, one-time upgrades may be purchased via our online order system or through your PaperCut supplier. And hey, added bonus - upgrading now will entitle you to all of the releases in the 17.x series throughout the year!