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PaperCut MF 16.2 (Build 37593)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 10 August 2016 09:42 AM


  • Web Print scaling:
    Web Print is a proven and popular solution for occasional printing. However, with an increasing demand, busy sites are finding that a single Web Print server is not sufficient to provide good service. Web Print can now be scaled to meet the needs of your organization. Multiple Web Print servers can be used to ensure reliability and reduce wait time in queues, leading to a better user experience. The System Health interface also now provides endpoints to track the status of your Web Print servers.
  • Updated the bundled Java SE Runtime Environment to version 8, update 92 to incorporate the latest security fixes from Oracle.
    Note: On some older devices, this upgrade might cause issues with the connection between the MFD and PaperCut as indicated by an error message on the device display or in the Admin web interface. A simple solution is available (see Legacy Ciphers in PaperCut).
  • Integrated Scanning: You can now specify a From email address for a Scan to Email action, for example, This allows you to whitelist scanning emails on your mail server.
  • PaperCut MF Administrators can now filter their list of devices using filters similar to that on the Printers page.


  • Web Print: Fixed an issue preventing uploaded files that are larger than the allowed size from being removed.
  • User web interface: Fixed an issue preventing the job status in the Web Print page from updating (since release 16.0).
  • Improved the user search speed in the Admin web interface when users have multiple email addresses.
  • Fixed an issue causing automatic backups to fail.
  • Linux installer: Fixed an occasional error that occurred with installations involving copying client directories.
  • Reports:
    • Fixed an issue preventing the Group User Transaction Type Summary report from generating when there have been no transactions during the defined period.
    • Fixed an issue with the Executive Summary report causing inaccurate counts of simplex and duplex pages.
    • Improved the Device - copy/scan/fax - breakdown report to include scan jobs.
    • Linux: Fixed an occasional issue preventing reports from generating.
  • Fixed an issue with converting PFX/PKCS#12 SSL certificates for the Application Server.
  • Fixed an issue causing modified SSL settings in the file to not be applied.
  • Improved color detection for PostScript printers on Ubuntu.
  • Kyocera printers: Improved color detection.
  • Samsung PCL6 printer drivers: Fixed an issue causing watermarks to not print.
  • Windows printers: Improved page counting on some printers when multiple copies of a document are printed.
  • Fixed an issue on the Printer Details page for a virtual print queue, causing a confirmation prompt to be inappropriately displayed when you try to leave the page.
  • Google Cloud Print and Email to Print: Fixed an issue causing some fonts to be missing when printing to Windows printers.
  • PDL transforms: Fixed an occasional issue that caused pc-print.exe (the Windows Print Provider) to use 100% of a CPU core.
  • SQL Server database: Fixed an issue preventing documents with a filename greater than 255 characters from printing.
  • Reorganized background Mac and Linux print services, such as, Job Pre-notification, Printer Registration, Printer Error Reporting, and Job Replay on Connection Failure, including naming their respective processes.

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Konica Minolta (OpenAPI):
    • iOption: Fixed an issue causing the Application Server to crash after a large number of card swipes.
  • Kyocera (HyPAS) v1.9.1*:
    • Device job defaults are now used where possible when performing an Integrated Scanning job.
  • Lexmark (LeSF) Version 2.3.0*:
    • Updated PaperCut branding.
    • Fixed an issue causing scans to email to be sent multiple times when more than one scan is performed in a single session.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented printing files from a USB drive.
  • Ricoh (SDK/J) v5.4.1*:
    • Allow the Japanese on-screen keyboard to default to Alphabet (QWERTY).
    • Fixed an issue where the custom currency sign 'Display after number' option was not reflected in displayed balances.
    • Fixed an issue with Tabloid (11 x 17 inches) page cost calculation.
    • Fixed a rare issue preventing swipe card reads that are terminated by a keypad RETURN from registering.
  • Ricoh (SmartSDK) 1.0.8*:
    • PaperCut MF for Ricoh now includes the second-generation Smart Operation Panel based on the Android operating system. The SOP touchscreen gives PaperCut MF users a new intuitive interface, along with easy to access Home, Print release, Device functions and Account selection screens.
  • Sharp (OSA):
    • Fixed an issue causing keyboard entry to be read as a card swipe.
  • Toshiba (e-BRIDGE Open Platform):
    • Toshiba V1: Fixed an issue preventing card self association since 16.1
    • Fixed a layout issue in some languages on the "Held Print Jobs" page.
  • Xerox (EIP 1.5+):
    • Fixed an occasional issue causing shared accounts to not be charged during long login sessions.
    • Fixed an occasional issue causing the account selection application configuration to fail and revert to the Secure Access Account Selection.

For integrators:

  • Device REST API: The following information is now available for a user logged into a device
    • name of the shared account being used
    • credit balance for a user and account
      • printing cost model for a device, user, and account
  • The PaperCut Device REST Web Service API guide has been updated. You can request a copy of this updated guide.

Other Notes:

  • This release does NOT contain a database upgrade.
  • The Ricoh Remote Operation Client uses the Java Runtime Environment bundled with PaperCut MF.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.
  • If you are using Web Print Sandbox mode, ensure that the Web Print service on the Application Server is disabled. If it is not, Web Print will not function until all of your Web Print servers are updated as part of your upgrade.
  • As per the End of Life announcement, this release discontinues support for the QI SmartKit Console.